Basic Information Edit

Real Name: Tettra Zelda Arnora

Title: Shadow of the Seas

Class: Rogue, Subtlety

Occupation: Freelance Mercenary

Age: 20

Birthday: October 1st

Affiliations: The Felsworn Sail

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Languages: Common

Quote: "Tae tell yeh th' truth, I'm nae all 'at brave."

Appearance Edit

Tettra stands confident, though a bit short, at 5'3. She has long, waist length golden hair that she keeps tied in a bun at the top of her head, a few smaller strands falling around her face. She has very well toned muscles underneath tanned skin, both clear indications that she's spent all her life before the mast. Her sea-green eyes have a constant sparkle to them, though at times you get the feeling that her tough expression is merely artificial.

Personality Edit

Nowadays Tettra sports a dry, sarcastic humor. She tries to appear shallow, selfish and uncaring of others.

Tettra tries to keep her distance of others, a bit distrusting and even unwilling to make friends, sometimes.

Childhood Edit

Tettra was born on a ship, raised on a ship and will probably die on a ship. Her childhood is something she keeps to herself, like a lot of the rest of her history.

Life on Land Edit

On land, Tettra met some of the most wonderful people to ever impact her life, including the only man she's ever loved and will ever love.

Circumstances have pulled them, and most of her other friends apart, however. Tettra finds herself largely alone and very lonely as a result.

Tettra throws herself into various goals and organizations, such as the Shattered Sun Offensive, The Wyrmrest Accord and the Alliance Vanguard. She works hard, to keep from dwelling too much on the past.

Recent Events Edit

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