Description Edit

Name: Thawr Leafhorn
Title Mooncaller/Moonkin
Race: Tauren
Age: In his thirties
Birthplace: Mulgore
Class: Balance Druid
Professions: Tribal Leatherworking and Skinning
Affiliations: Packmate of Bad Moon Rising and member of Cenarion Circle
Physical Description: Thawr usually smells of herbs and leaves, even though he is no herbalist. He is of average Tauren height, with light brown mane. His horns look polished and deliberately blunted at the tips. He wears a golden nose ring that has subtle inscriptions engraved in it. He walks modestly and speaks slowly, carefully considering the words he chooses. When seen in towns, he is usually dressed in brightly coloured wizard robes and hat. In dungeons and on the battlefield, he often shapeshifts to Moonkin form.



Thawr was born and raised in the south-eastern region of Mulgore by his mother, Amiya Leafhorn. Thawr never met his father but thinks of him fondly because “he fought bravely in the war,” as Thawr’s mother described him. Amiya’s wish was to bring up Thawr as an herbalist, just like her and her tribe, but Thawr was more inclined towards magic and beaststalking. Nonetheless, he developed a close affinity with nature and his mother opted to instruct him in the ways of druidism. She taught him of the old religious rites of the Taurens and their relationship with the Earthmother. She emphasized the value of maintaining the Balance in Nature which sparked his interest in the Balance stream of druidism. When his mother passed away, Thawr set out to fulfill his mother’s wish of becoming a learned Druid.

The Path of the DruidEdit

After learning the basics of druidism in Bloodhoof Village, Thawr set out to Moonglade where he eventually spent the majority of his druidic life. In Moonglade, Thawr became closely associated with many other druids including Night Elven druids like Rabine Saturna. He was especially fond of learning from Keeper Remulos, son of Cenarius. He learned many valueable things from Remulos in terms of history of druidism and some of the internal politics of Cenarion Circle. Thawr thus distanced himself from some of the Night Elven druids in Moonglade, and personally dislike Archdruid Fandral Staghelm who he considers to be too militaristic for a druid.

As years passed, his interest in the arcane magic led him to specialize in the Balance stream of druidism.

After MoongladeEdit

Having become a well-trained Balance druid, Thawr set out to explore other parts of Azeroth to further increase his knowledge of Nature and arcane magic. As a pacifist and a devout druid, he dissociated himself from all forms of shadow magic and demonology. He was interested in the arcane magic practiced by the legendary wizards of Dalaran and so he travelled to the north of the Eastern Kingdom in search for the mystic city of Dalaran. Although he was not immediately welcomed, his persistence led him to become befriended by some of the more liberal Dalaran wizards who were equally curious about him. While he considered most humans, including these wizards, to be “unbalanced”, he still sought them to learn more about their own magic. It is from them that he developed some of his skills in harnessing arcane magic and improvising it with his own druidic practices. He discovered that nature and arcane magic were worked best when he shifts to Moonkin form. It is thus that Thawr became known as the Mooncaller.

Current StatusEdit

Thawr met many people in his travels and he eventually became a packmate of the tribe of Bad Moon Rising. He also befriended some shadowy (though friendly!) mercenaries who were members of The Trade Of Blades. His quest to learn more about druidism and arcane magic is ongoing, taking him to the depths of dark dungeons and instances of dangerous encounters.

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