Description Edit

Guild Leaders: Iridiah Tinkerbotham, Tocke von Kleinentod
Guild Contacts: Holina Evenshadow, Keltar the Fel

The Black Company is a mercenary guild, founded by the gnome warlock Tocke von Kleinentod at the start of the second war. A motley band of various races and talents, the tight-knit and loyal Company served the Alliance well in that war and earned the respect of Stormwind's commanders. At the advent of the third war, the Company - now led jointly by Tocke and his new bride, Iridiah Tinkerbotham - was called upon again by the Alliance leaders, who this time entrusted the group with several extremely dangerous covert missions against the Scourge in the north. Not all of these were successful, and by the war's end, the Company had taken heavy losses and was reduced to a shadow of its former self.

Disheartened by the loss of so many of their comrades, and embittered by what they perceived to be Stormwind's failure to fully recognize (and reward) their accomplishments, the Company's remaining members broke their ties to the Alliance and one another and were scattered.

Of late, however, word has gone out that the Company is pulling together once more, tracking down old companions and recruiting new ones, in preparation for some substantial new employment.

The Company's website

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