(This event may be active again. Stay tuned. -Curse staff)

A NoticeEdit

<A worn, slightly damp and moldy parchment hangs in front of the bank of Orgrimmar, next to Tal, the Flight Master in Thunder Bluff and at the central bank of the Undercity.>

Getting cramps while killing Stranglethorn Raptors? Are the venom stings from those Druids of the Fang starting to scar? Do the Tanaris sandstorms feel like they’re grating the skin right off your bones? Just can’t get that smell of kodo dung out of your clothes?

Then it’s probably time to come and relax.

Curse, in partnership with the Royal Apothecary Society, with permission from High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof, is proud to present the opening of the Lady’s Bathhouse This leisure spa and social gathering, run by Executioner Plagos and Curse, will take place in the Pools of Vision in Thunder Bluff.

Despite its murky appearance, the pools are a very rejuvenating place. The Tauren druids who discovered the cave partnered with the Royal Apothecary Society to create this sanctuary. The potent spring underneath the bluff, coupled with nutrient-rich fungal spores provides the perfect concentration of healing properties, beneficial to undead and mortal flesh alike.

The bathhouse will be opening its doors on Friday, October the thirteenth, at seven in the evening. It is not just for our Forsaken brethren, or others that dwell in shadowy places. All are welcome to attend this good-will gathering of social respite on behalf of the Dark Lady Sylvanas, and Curse.

After battle is done Step out of the sun And into the pools







All players who come to the event to intentionally "grief" the attendees (this includes OOC disturbance, intention to cause undue violence/chaos or otherwise disturbing the procession as outlined by the links below) will by duly warned, ignored, and immediately reported. Those who do have in-character conflicts are welcome to come and add their bit of drama, but please respect the players involved in the event.

Outlined voilations made by Blizzard at the following links:
(Emphasis on, "Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings," and, "Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas.")

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