The Darksun Covenant Edit

Leader Leramar Darksun. second in command Fabien Officers

Description Edit

the Darksun Covenant was created by Leramar Darksun after the Third War and after his prized possession and the source of his powers,a magical sword named The Burning Edge, was stolen. The Covenant is quite small, most are blood elves and forsaken who see Leramars power and wish to aid him, most of the members are rouges and hunters, but their are a few Mages and Warriors also with only a few Warlocks, chosen by leramar himself. the Covenant has operatives stationed in many places around the world, slowly tightening the noose on their enemies...

Aims Edit

The Covenants main purpose is to gather supporters to help hunt down the rouge that stole Leramar's sword, but it also has other aims. one of the main goals is to find demonic artifacts from around the world (and Beyond it) to strengthen the guild power so that they can stand up to other guilds and individuals who would get in the way of the Covenant's aims.

The other aim of the Covenant is to extract revenge from Leramars' family (primarily his sister Leriqite) for "abandoning" him when he needed their help. this part of the plan has almost succeeded as Leramar has killed his brother and now his sister is the only Dareseeker still alive.

Location Edit

the exact location of the Covenants whereabouts are unknown, as they never stay in the same place for to long, but rumor has it they are in the Silverpine forest gathering strength...

Enemies Edit

the Covenant has many enemies, not the least of which is Leramars sister Leriqite who has vowed to kill him herself for the causing the death of their brother, another powerful enemy of the Covenant is Altus, a Holy Dranei Paladin who has befriended Leriqite and has vowed to stop the Covenant by any means necessary, and finnaly the other main enemy of the Covenant is the Rouge that stole Leramars sword in the first place: Arahadord. Leramar is personally hunting him down, but Arahadord is crafty and never stays in the same place for too long, only time will tell whether Arahadord escapes or is captured by Leramar, the Sinister leader, of the Darksun Covenant..

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