"See You At The Kodo"Edit

Located at the inn in Ratchet, The Drunken Kodo is a neutral-faction tavern run by the Zephyr Crew, and is an excellent place to have a drink and meet some good company.

"The Kodo" is open most Tuesday and Thursday nights from 9:00 - 11:00pm (ST) unless otherwise noted.


Founded by Jehotay, the Zephyr Crew has taken over things since his disappearance. Saraquael is in charge of the serving staff, Gaurth acts as resident handyman and innkeeper Wiley looks over the joint and keeps it clean while the Crew is off on adventures.

For history and/or and more information on "The Kodo," please see the [Founder's Profile].

Locations In And Around The KodoEdit

((These are places that have been RP'd, mostly, since some do not "physically" exist.))

The OfficeEdit

Full of the accountant Franker's things and some odd things left behind by Jehotay (whose skulls are those, anyway?), as well as the safe and some of the more expensive bottles of booze, the office is not open to the public and is generally kept locked.


The space behind the Kodo was where Drosh and her sister Rassy lived for some time. Though neither are permanent residents there anymore, the space seems to have retained the name.

The HillEdit

While not technically part of the building, it seems to be a favorite spot for some private conversation or discrete snogging. This hill overlooks both the Kodo itself and most of Ratchet and the bay.

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