Author: Tybilt

The warm breeze coming off the ocean caressed their faces and playfully flirted with Pook's hair. The soft light of the pre-dawn hours began to bring the ruins on the beaches far below into view from the veil of fog and mist that surrounded them. She was sleeping peacefully at last. Tybilt studied her face intently, smiling quietly as the fear, anger, sorrow, and pain was washed away. Pook was finally enjoying a moment of peace.

She kicked violently in her sleep, and continued to twitch occasionally. Tybilt tucked the blanket back under her legs and continued to hold her while she slept. He could not imagine the horrors that she had been through. The terrible and unspeakable treatment she received at the hands of Cyrille and Guzzler. Tybilt sighed and continued to smile. There would be plenty of time for revenge and blood. Now it was time to rest, to be at peace.

Tybilt was reminded of their first meeting. Their first kiss. Their first night together. He recalled all of their conversations as the night slowly passed by and Pook slept peacefully in his arms.

"Will you follow me into shadow and fire?" Tybilt recalled asking Pook. That was so long ago, he did not have a remote clue as to what paths lay before the both of them. His journey into the plaguelands to save her... and her journey to Cyrille to save him. She really did follow him into shadow and fire.

Tybilt smiled wide as Pook's breathing became more regular and her twitching stopped. She finally was back. He kissed her gently on the forehead. The sun was beginning to break over the horizon, covering them in it's soothing, warm rays. Tybilt adjusted the blanket over Pook's eyes to shield her from an early awakening.

They had both passed through their trials. Their baptisms of shadow and fire and blood were finally over. Like newly forged blades, Pook and Tybilt had been hammered over and over again by those that wished to hurt them - honed to fine edges by the consequences of their actions. Now they were both stronger than ever before. Like an anthill that has been knocked over, each generation rebuilds it harder, stronger, better.

No more time was to be spend wallowing in pity, crying over difficult decisions, and loathing the choices made in the past. As the fog and mist evaporated before the rising sun, so were the last remnants of doubt and uncertanty eradicated from Tybilt's soul by the perfect love he shared with Pook. She was back, and it was time that they became the people that they could be when they were no longer afraid, no longer uncertain, no longer weak.

Their friends and family brought so much pain, so much horror upon themselves, by their own actions. They would come to know the strength and the love that Tybilt shared with Pook. And they would be saved by it - or destroyed by their own devices.... and there had been more than enough death and destruction for anyone to bear.

"It's a new day." Tybilt smiled and looked down at Pook. Even though she was still deep asleep, he could swear he saw the faintest hint of a smile on her lips.

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