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Tabard haven

Guild Leader: Yes
Guild Contacts: No, Ephe, Aquenda
Guild Status: Disbanded

The group known as "The Haven" is not often in the public eye; in fact, few people know them by that name. To outsiders, the members appear to be an oddly mismatched group of outcasts that are extremely protective of one another.

The Haven was created from the remnants of the Church of Sanguis Nox. The Archbishop left its members during a time of stress, when Trinda To'Baga of the Frostmane Tribe began an in-depth investigation of certain members' activities. In the wake of these and other troubles, the church members decided to cast off the name and trappings of Sanguis Nox and keep to the shadows under a new banner.

This organization houses heretics, outlaws and rogues... individuals who have rejected or been rejected by Horde society at large, who walk the path less travelled. Some pay tribute to dark gods, while others seek the death of beloved leaders. Despite their varying individual goals, the members of this small circle recognize the strength that can be found in numbers, and thus remain (relatively) loyal to their fellows.


After a short and tumultuous existence, the Haven drifted apart... most of the members finding shelter under the pirate flag of Big Booty.