The Lidless Eye tabard

Introduction Edit

The Lord Sauron: Barrowwight
Nazgul: Cayida, Cnorec, Eldiablo, Fjolmir, Flaavius, Gren, Grobb, Pravda, Rioco, Rommell, Sithpus, Valline
Uru Kai: Ashenone, Bogorne, Cretila, Safya, Togg

Lore Edit

History Edit

As you all probably know, there used to be a shaky truce between the Alliance and the Horde so as to defeat the Burning Legion invasion. While successful at winning the war, the peace did not last, the Humans quickly betrayed the Orcs, leading to todays almost outright war.

A new threat is now arising, rumors swirl about and tell of an ancient horror, the Silithid. These are bug creatures said to be the progeny of the original titans, the dragons, created by the old gods to watch over and protect Azeroth. In their millenia long festering corruption, some of the titans have assumed new forms. The gates that closed the Silithid off from the rest of the sentient races of Azeroth are crumbling, and a threat far worse than the burning legion looms.

We of the Eye belive this will lead inevitably to another Alliance of all the races of Azeroth, which is where we come in.

The Lidless Eye does not trust the humans or the elves, and don't really feel much better about the gnomes and dwarves either. If we rely on the humans and elves to save Azeroth, we will all be bug food soon enough. The Alliance has shown their true colors enough to demonstrate this clearly. If the Silithid tide is to be stopped, it is we horde that must stop it.

It is therefore the goal of The Lidless Eye to amass power, weath, dread items and personnel to be able to defeat the silithid invasion. To this end we must all help each other as much as possible, so we can survive the incredible trials of the Molten Core and Blackwing's Lair and the others.

Lord Sauron

Current Events Edit

Tales From The Lidless Eye is our collection of entertaining antics as we spend day upon day on Azeroth.

Accomplishments Edit

Blackrock Spire: Completed (Upper and Lower)
Molten Core: Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Shazzrah, Baron Geddon, Golemagg the Incinerator, Sulfuron Harbinger
Scholomance: Completed
Stratholme: Completed (Live and Dead)
Zul'Gurub: High Priestess Jeklik, High Priest Venoxis, Bloodlord Mandokir, High Priestess Arlokk, High Priestess Mar'li, High Priest Thekal, Gahz'ranka
Onyxia's Lair: Completed
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: Kurinnaxx, General Rajaxx

OOC Banter Edit

As a guild we are light-RP, with end-game focus. Many of our members are heavy-RP, so we welcome all kinds. As far as PvP goes, most members do it on their own as we are not a PvP guild. The 5-man raids happen several times nightly, with the big runs regularly scheduled for Fridays (Molten Core with Pariah) and Saturdays (Zul'Gurub). We are a fun loving bunch of people and, from the writer's perspective, the best guild he's seen; both in skill and attitude.

Visit and fill out an application.

Members Edit


Awaraga Bogorne* Freckles Greencow Keynes Mudvane Oniah Porga Seether Wellard
Argoth Asid Avalas Beelzebul Bluebelle Flaavius Grobb Jabberwalki Junae Kallias
Mauhur Mogrel Oxmarcusxo Pravda Romer Skrudge Tarenmor Tetsujin Togg Ukla*
Alabator Barrowwight Burlapus Cnorec Corihor Dralyn Jintu Kortz Kuldorm Laserezz
Mihok Romulos Smoldersoul Souless Turwath Vevis Zerathustra      
Agatha Ashlexy Cayida Fjolmir Liveon Llith Magenta Renwick Rioco Shadaum
Sungirl Tanea Trucidogrim Verminard Willem Windgirl Wroth      
Anazimu Evilania Fenrix Gannis Gazz Kaass Kaszimer Kchaos Marke Memin
Ronorganie Safya* Scour Skelter Tomcrown Valjean Valline Vule Wildeone Zebgorazza
Azamere Blackback Chrismedic Dreamseeker Earthgirl Earthwynd Gorege Huor Jefe Juna
Karth Mithti Omdalar Raynn Tazdingo Trolek Yukagora      
Colphust Dauphine Disturb Grimloc Jizzgrob Korgrend Mhammerhands Mindtock Oograx
Rarawyn Rigmarole Sarolianna Shedevil Sithpus Skelos Stormhaeven Varhalla Xavien  
Ashenone* Canida Cretila* Darkhope Durgor Eldiablo Emoggs Eviliori Gamurutar Gren
Horrorwar Ingle Onos Rommell Shoonbai Steggie Vampiress Vertol    
• Denotes Level 60 * Denotes Class Officer

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