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Guild Leader: Arbert Cor'san, Lord Assassin
Guild Status: Active
Political Affiliations: Independent
In-Game: Contact any of the officers listed below in character.
Out of Game:[]- fill out an application


In Rayne Cor'san's time, he was a famed assassin and thief of darkness.He used the shadows to hide himself in the land of Lordamere where he conducted most of his business.

He soon met a man by the name of Maloch. Maloch was also a legendary warrior of shadows. Using them to his personal gain. Maloch and Rayne, felt that if
Old Maloch

Maloch in his old-age

all the mercenaries, assassins, thieves, and citizens of the underworld were united, they would be unstoppable.

Maloch called together a small band of great mercenaries, whom he called The Doyen Council. He called this band The Malochian Hand. (Maloch had no room for humility)

The Malochian Hand continued to grow in power, and within a year, nearly every guild of assassins, thieves, or mercenaries were under their will. They were unstoppable, committing some of the most dangerous jobs known to man-kind.

Then, the war. The Horde attacked the humans and waged war throughout the land. Soon , members of the Hand felt it was necessary to leave their want of personal gain behind and join in the fight for freedom of humans and their allies. No one was interested in killing one another, only in defeating the Horde. The Hand's numbers quickly dropped. The rogues and thieves were now employed by the Alliance's armies for free.

Soon, all that were left were two old old men. Maloch and Rayne. Maloch, devoting his life to the Hand, never married or gave offspring. He made Rayne promise to continue in the ways of the Hand and to teach his heirs.

So, he taught Erodul Cor'san, Arbert's father, the art of the Hand. He instructed him on thievery, pickpocketing, stealth and concealment, evasion, and of course the art of being an assassin. Erodul did try some to begin the Hand once again, yet he failed.

Arbert being lectured by his father

Still no one was interested in self-gain. He soon taught Arbert, his son, when he was old enough.

When Arbert moved into adulthood he began to attempt to re-organize the Hand, failing over and over again. He gave up on the dream of reforming the Hand, but He did not give up on his skills as an assassin. He worked for the kings and queens of the alliance, for the assassins guild, and for himself. Then, it came.

Arbert was devoured by the plague, and when he awoke as a free forsaken, he saw his new life as an oppurtunity to once again attempt to form the hand. As you see, he has succeeded.

Doyen Council Edit

Arbert Cor'san, Lord Assassin
Voltemse, Dark Matron
Drurik, Doyen of Light
Ennoko, Doyen of Nature
Kojo, Doyen of Arcane
Machiavelian, Doyen of Damned
Monorgand, Doyen of Shadows

Brotherhood Edit


None currently have achieved this rank.



Hired HandEdit


Stories and EventsEdit

Bride of BetrayalEdit

In the early parts of his new life, Arbert was a member of the Deathstalkers, and was put in charge of routing the rebel insurgents within Trisfal. One of his marks was a young female by the name of Naowyn Slovotsky. The moment he saw her he had a strange warm feeling within his cold hollow frame, he was in love. Within a few days he had confronted the young maiden and told her how he felt. They soon became engaged and planned to marry. Months past and Naowyn and Arbert had still not married. This worried Arbert as they grew distant from one another. One day upon awakening, Naowyn had left. An informant of Arbert's told him that Naowyn has left the Malochian Hand and joined the rebellion against Sylvanas, although he had no reason to support Sylvanas, Arbert, in fury condemned Naowyn to death. The spies of the Hand infiltrated the rebellion and sought her whereabouts.

Yet Naowyn, it seemed, disappeared off the map. No one had seen her for sometime. Along with the truce he called with Vaien he too gave up on his quest to seek revenge upon Naowyn. Arbert felt, that no matter what transgression she committed, she should be allowed to live in peace.

Ending the InsurrectionEdit

The motivation of The Malochian Hand's actions against the rebels, who fight against Sylvanas, are closely related to Arbert's lust for Naowyn's head on a pike. However as the days passed the Malochian Hand continued to find out more information of who these rebels were. Some were even some of the closest guardians of Sylvanas. Arbert searched for allies in this fight, yet all turned him away.

After a rather dangerous confrontation with Vaien and his followers, and searching with in himself, Arbert had decided to remove the Malochian Hand from Sylvanas' list of paid contracts. He returned the chest of gold in which Sylvanas, gave him. He swore not to harm any friend or follower of Vaien, if he would do the same. The Truce was made and now The Malochian Hand once again, knew peace.

OoC Edit

The Malochian hand is a Roleplaying Guild. Our main focus is to enrich the Roleplaying environment of Thorium Brotherhood. We also all just love to have fun and enjoy eachothers company. If you are interested please contact in game or fill out an application on our forums.

Also if ANYONE sees any problems with lore anywhere on this page, please inform Arbert with an advisable choice so it can be corrected immediately.

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