Featuring Meridith, with thanks to Spira and a few others.


The young Undead girl groaned as the bright light of the afternoon sun hit her face. She turned away and threw a slender arm over her tired eyes, waking herself even more with the motion. And along with herself the movement woke a massive pain in her head that elicited a muffled cry from the girl. She cowered for a moment, then slowly, carefully opened her glowing eyes, wincing at the light.

Meridith, Meridith, what did you DO last night?

She looked around blearily, shielding her face from the light with the hanging sleeve of her robe. A hammock in a large tent...the inn in Thunder Bluff? She moved to get a better look and the hammock she was in swung, making her head flare and her insides lurch.

A hangover? I'm dead and I still get hangovers? That doesn't seem fair... Now why would I have spent the night - or morning, as it were - in Thunder Bluff?

After a moment images of the Darkmoon Faire solidified out of the fog of her sleepy, hung-over mind. Running a hand through her mop of blue hair, the little mage sighed. She remembered going last night by herself, for no reason other than in hopes of maybe running into someone she knew. And then drinking. A lot. She closed her eyes again, trying to shield the delicate spot in her head from the cruel daylight, and tried to pull more images from the fog.

There were those elves...

Hee hee, dancing with some of them...

Dancing with elves!? I MUST have been drunk!

Can't remember taking my clothes off, at least, or getting on any mailboxes... That's a good sign.

One of the elves was a tiny girl, and...turned into a tiny owlbeast?

And there was another girl with a name that was almost like mine...

Vekkul and Anne were there, and Vekkul told me not to drink so much...

And the cat!

Meridith started to smile, but the pain in her head stopped her, and she let out a small moan instead, covering her face again with her sleeve. There had been a cat running around, about the size of a housecat but a lovely purple with swirly markings. They had played together for a bit, her petting him and cuddling him and him following her around and dancing with her. She remembered now that he had talked to her, but she didn't understand him and it hadn't seemed strange at the time. She giggled softly as she remembered the warm, soft, friendly little cat. And then she remembered Vekkul saying...

Vekkul said, "That's an elf, Meridith." Right.

Her eyes shot open, then closed in a wince just as fast. She remembered, just before he left, he had grown to a normal druid-cat size, and then he had changed...

I spent the night flirting with an ELF!?

She sighed again, less happily this time. That's right, her sweet kitty friend had turned out to be an elf in the end.

But he was such a nice kitty...

Meridith stared at the ceiling of the inn, her head feeling like it wanted to explode, her body aching, and smiled to herself.

Well, he hadn't seemed like such a bad elf...

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