Lordaeron Crest

Name: Order of Lordaeron
Capital: Capital City
Language: Common
Government: Monarchy
Imperator: Brucillan Garian
Consul: None
Legislature: Council of Viseers
Officer Contacts: Brucillan Garian


From its glorious begining to its horrid and destructive end; the human nation of Lordaeron was seen by many as a beacon of light, hope, honor, humanity, and strength in a world of darkness. Its army was unrivaled, its lands broad, and its rule undisputed. Though it was founded in the wake of Arathor, it surpassed its mother nation greatly. Not long after Lordaeron's fall, The Order of Lordaeron was formed, led by the only known heir to the Lordaeronian throne, Erenan Telmyre (Currently Dead). He recruited all those loyal to Lordaeron, who sought to see it restored to its former glory.


The Order is divided into two parts: Government and Military. The government consists of the council of Viseers, who head different Departments within the Order, and their agents. There are also a few select leaders, known as Consuls, who have nearly the same power as the Imperator. The military is led by Praetors, who command the loyalty of the Legions but are themselves directly loyal to the Imperator.

The Government Edit

For the most part, the Government is made up of Viseers, who specialize in different areas deemed significant by the Imperator and/or Consuls. The current departments within the Order are Operations, Relations, Religion, Military, Judgment, and Finance. Each of the Viseers have agents, who are the field operatives for their specific department. These agents do any tasks assigned to them by their viseer to complete a mission given by the Imperator or the Consuls. Said tasks may include spying, investigation, gathering info, scouting, or anything else called on by their Viseer. In some cases, the Viseer can be requested by a military commander to gather information for one reason or another; This is only avaliable to high ranking officers, though lower ranking officers may use their services at special permission.

The Department of Operations

Viseer: Status: Active
Agents: Kily
Activity: Spying, assassinations, sabotage, espionage, or any of the like.
Description: The Department of Operations is responsible for special operations, spying, or scouting that the army or military cannot conduct. They also can be ordered on assassination mission by the Imperator or his approval.

The Department of Military

Viseer: None
Status: Inactive
Agents: None.
Activity: Scouting, composition of military statistics, planning of military operations, partial representation of actual military, internal investigation of military.
Description: The Department of Operations' purpose is to create battle plans, scout out areas of possible combat, scout enemy armies, and anything else not directly related to actual combat, also the general preparation and information and planning that goes with war. This department could be seen as Military Intelligence.

The Department of Relations

Viseer: Status: Active
Agents: None
Activity: Inner council, guild relations, emissary, diplomat, negotiator.
Description: The Department of Relations takes care of all matters to do with alliances; talks of piece, negotiating between guilds, any problems within the guild, possibly even psychiatry. The Viseer for this Department must be diplomatic.

The Department of Finance

Viseer: None
Status: Inactive
Agents: None
Activity: Deals out pay for the guild, holds cash; the bank.
Description: Handling the money spent and saved; keeps up with the books and keeps track of weapons, armor, and equipment that is in storage.keeps the books.

The Department of Religion

Viseer: Bolgran
Status: Active, but new Viseer pending.
Agents: Calysia
Activity: Advice pertaining to the Light, any and all activity to do with the Light.
Description: This Viseer will offer assistance in his field, this field being the light. He can offer advice to the Imperator, or a Consul, or any asking officer of the army.

The Department of Judgment

Viseer: None
Status: Inactive, new.
Agents: None
Activity: Minor internal policing, apprehension, investigation, trials, executions, sentence of prison time.
Description: Has the ability of apprehending, trying, and convicting all criminals who offend the Order. Can offer advice to Imperator in any field, and can also convict people outside of the order. Cannot be ordered by any official to try anyone, operates independently.

The Military Edit

The military is just that. The army. This is the large force of heavily armed combatants that conquers the enemies of the Order. Normally they will only engage other armies but this army is a flexible one and can do whatever the Imperator orders.

Organization Edit

Praetor- The top rank that commands a Legion, which consists of three Divisions.

Praefect- The next rank in the military, which commands a Division which consists of four Cohorts.

Centurion- The captain rank, they command a Cohort, which consists of 10 soldiers.

Optio- A second in command rank to the Centurion, they operate as a corporal and help the Centurion command his men and carry out any orders as such.

Princepae- The lowest Legion rank, these are the privates of the army, and the most numerous.

Auxillia- These are soldiers, or recruits who are not in any department agency, or Legion. They are normally used as cannon fodder or any other undesirable, or risky task. Extra.

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