The Pomp at the Royal Exchange in Silvermoon city. Owned and run by the guild Ordo Acrimoniae.

"Together we drink. Together we conquer"Edit

Here at The Pomp, drinks, food, and fun is what it's all about. To accomplish that, we've hired the most qualified of employees from our founding guild Ordo Acrimoniae. Our employees are here to keep you happy. They'll do their best to cater to your every need.

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Ordo Acrimoniae and The PompEdit

The Ordo Acrimoniae founding fathers, Harklum Falrevere and Khafre Xance, created their clan for the purpose of honoring the Horde, conquering unknown lands, and having fun with friends and family.

While drunk in Silvermoon City, Harklum and Khafre were kicked out of the local inn. In their eyes, they hadn't done anything wrong. Drinking, dancing, eating, and having fun is a part of their culture. Appalled by the Blood Elf behavior, an idea came to mind. A pub. A place to hang out. A place to have fun. And where would be a better place to spread Horde culture than Silvermoon? Alas, The Pomp was created. Or atleast the idea was.

Obtaining the Inn wasn't so hard as one would think. Harklum and Khafre had many connections, including those with the leaders of the Horde. Before long, The Pomp officially had a place to call home. The Royal Exchange in Silvermoon City.

Because the Inn has yet to open, we've yet to see the Blood Elf reaction to this. Although rumors are spreading quickly.


Still in discussion...


Need a place to hold a meeting, celebrate, or just relax? You can schedule reservations at The Pomp here.


Details still in discussion...


The Pomp Bulletin is posted in various spots around major horde cities. Updates periodically

The Pomp! Now hiring small

Head to The Pomp website for further updates, details, and information

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