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A Praetorian reaching for his weapon

Green armored and combat obsessed, the Praetorian is well known for their radical views on warfare and society. They crave war, thirst for blood and are manipulative warriors that have known to openly declair war on the Burning Legion, the Lich King, The Forsaken, the scourge, and any other threatening faction. They dedicate their strict training and skills to the destruction of anything that would stand to threaten Azeroth and all within that are considered good, noble, and logical. Although they receive much criticism for their methods, they do as they feel is right in completeting a task and are completely unhindered by the words of other's. They will continue to march onward down their so described long and narrow road.


The Praetorian was founded by Kerix Falco at the order of Imperator Erenan Telmyre of the Order of Lordaeron. It's initial purpose was to merely protect the Imperator from all hostile assassins or attackers and assist him in battle. It's purposes grew and over a few more weeks became a taskforce, and more or less a private small elite army for the Imperator to use as he saw fit. What missions the Praetorian undertook in this time has been unreleased, as of yet.

When The Order of Lordaeron began to manifest into a nation, taking the Hillbrad territory, as well as part of the Silverpine Territory, they elected a new king. The Order's Brucillan Garian was elected, over Erenan Telmyre. The order split, Erenan saying he had birthright to the throne, and Brucillan claiming the throne because he was elected by the council. In this situation, Kerix Falco, Centurion of the Praetorian, stepped in and exiled Erenan Telmyre, nearly killing him for trying to assault Brucillan, and put Garian in power.

Kerix Falco saw what the Praetorian had become; more than a government toy, and much of a society, and group of its own. He informed King Garian of his intentions and simply left the service of Lordaeron, and formaly recreated the Praetorian as a faction of it's own.

The time of the Praetorian was good. They were growing, prospering, and strengthening with new, strong members joining often. Tragedy struck, unfortunatly, in the form of The Burning Legion. The Praetorian, in the time of their divorce from Lordaeron, had undertook many campaigns against the legion, and got it's attention, in the worst way. Campaigns where thousands of legion troops were killed, one way or another, and leaders were assassinated. The Legion planned a massive ambush on all Praetorian, all over Azeroth, and the outland, and attack all at once. Most of the 62 Praetorian received different numbers of Dreadlords, Pitlords, Wathlords, mixed amounts of infantry legion units and some even were visited by Eredar. Only 4 survived. Kerix Falco, Umbrii, Araoth, and Eriko. Kerix and Umbrii were visted by, and killed a, Pitlord, though Kerix sustained massive damages and technically died, but was resurrected. Araoth was attacked by an unidentified Demon, but retreated from the attacker, and was, because of this, exiled from the Praetorian. Eriko was attacked by a Dreadlord, and killed it, was very wounded, but recovered.

Since that time, Kerix has repaired the Praetorian, and considered this a test to weed out the weak ones who could not handle the worst of situations. He gathered help from many other factions, he considered noble, and assaulted the legion commanders who plotted against the Praetorian, and completely destroyed them all.


As stated by Kerix Falco, the purpose of the Praetorian is to create an army that is "unrivaled and unmatched; pillars of strength, fear, and power. To be ultimate combat killing-machines on the battlefield. They are to set a standard for perfection in all forms of warfare." In addition to Falco's pledge, he stated that all enemies of Azeroth, it's races, and other noble factions are also enemies of the Praetorian.

The Praetorian vow to protect Azeroth and all within it from destruction and hope for eventual world peace; although they really do love the times of war.

Foreign Policy Edit

The Praetorian ally themselves with, what their current Praetor deems, "Noble Factions". These are factions that, mostly, are deemed reasonable, logical, and peace-seeking. Any factions that commit war crimes, or attack an ally of the Praetorian, become a target until the hostile actions are balanced or ended.

The Praetorian have openly declared war on many factions, such as The Burning Legion, The Forsaken, The Undead Scourge, The Lich King, many renegade Troll, and Orc tribes, The Defias, The Syndicate, The Dark Iron Dwarves, and many other clans, tribes, hordes, and factions.

As far as allies go, they make friends with Stormwind, Dun'Modr, Quel'Thalas, Mulgore, Durotor, Exodar, Shattrath, Darnassus, as well as some smaller factions such as The Imperium, and Paradigm.

Should any allied faction request assistance from the Praetorian, or require it but not formaly ask, they will uphold their vow and fight along side of them until the death.

Teachings and Methods Edit

All Praetorian are taught strict codes of behavior, and rules of engagement that they are expected to adhere to at all times and in all situations. Rules such as never attacking unless attacked, and manners towards women. Kerix Falco often is heard saying, "Least said is best said.", encouraging silence the most painful weapon to those of other factions that do not approve of the Praetorian and would seek to verbally insult them. He also says to this, "Words are the weakest of weapons."

Their lessons of warfare teach to never surrender, or retreat, and that death is unacceptable unless "you've killed as many as you're worth." Which is another reason they train themselves better and better, justifying that so long as they always are improving themselves, they never reach the point where they have killed enough to equal one of them, and thus can never die.


The Ranks of the Praetorian are based on level of combat prowess, merit, and loyalty. Anyone can call themselves an unblooded of the Praetorian, so long as they have a short meeting with the Praetor, a Sage, or a Master of the Praetorian and understand the path they travel. The true test is becoming Blooded.

The Blood TrialEdit

The goal of all unblooded is to impress a Master or the Praetor by bringing the skulls of honorable kills to prove their deeds. It is recommended of them to leave the flesh of the face if it happens to be a skull of a person of high renown rather than of a race of creature that is simply hard to kill. Once the unblooded has proven him or herself to either a Master or the Praetor, they are put to a final test, which is the point where many die. The test itself varies from trainee to trainee but usually consists of being thrown into the wild, completely nude, with but one weapon and tasked with finding and killing a demonic creature of the Praetor's choosing. The Praetor will follow the unblooded, tempting them, putting doubt in their minds and doing everything he can short of killing them himself to see them fail. Upon completing The Blood Trial, they are named Blooded, and a brother or sister of the Praetorian.

The Ranks:

Unblooded-Trainee rank.

Young Blood-New Member rank. Requires level 58, and in character run of the The Blood Trial.

Veteran-Veteran rank. Requires level 60, and continued good behavior and maturity.

Elite-Best of the Praetorian. Requires level 64, and a set of Fel Iron armor for IC use.

Conqueror-The Champion of the Praetorian. Only one at any time. Requires level 70, set of Fel Iron armor, and in character Final Test.

Master-Leaders of each class. Only one to each class. Must be level 70, and requires set of Fel Iron armor.

Acolyte-Servant. Until level 50, they serve the Sage rank, and can be commanded by the Apprentice of the sage they serve. Caster rank.

Apprentice-Learner rank. The answer directly to the sage of their class. Only three to each sage of the same class, preferably the three best. It is encouraged that the apprentice be given trust to the point where the Sage would intrust them with assisting in their studies, learning close secrets and developing a personal relationship. Closer to the sage than the Acolyte. Must be over level 50.

Sage-Council rank. Must be at least level 60. Only one per caster rank. Votes on actions of the Praetorian.

Praetor-Leader rank. Supreme military commander, acts out votes of the council as he best he sees fit.

In game contacts Edit

Kerix Arkaeus Rylee Keff

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