The Radlinski Crime EmpireEdit

Founded by Stockings O'Malley and an unkown ally, the Radlinski Crime Empire is one of Azeroth's most successful cloak and dagger agencies. Branches can be found in Ironforge, Stormwind and Hillsbrad, and many of the twenty or so agents are assumed citizens, living in Lakeshire, Menethil and Theramore.


There are atleast eight known affiliates of the Empire, including Stockings. Whether they still live or not is a near unanswerable question, as they can often be thought dead for months only to reappear and send shivers down every parent, merchant or royal's spine.

Some notable agents include:

Stockings O'Malley
Javelin Silkstep
Flags De Sippi
Spiders O'Malley
Kalthor Thunderhorn
Nilly O'Malley

Current OperationsEdit

None to report.

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