Posted in the major cities of the Horde, and liberally in and around Ratchet.Edit

To the patrons of the Drunken Kodo tavern:

Please be advised that in roughly one week the Kodo will be closed for the evening and that the staff will be off to pursue more militaristic endeavors.

On a related note, any and all mercenaries/pirates/ruffians/or scoundrels looking for work please speak to the Zephyr Crew (specifically Bloodaxe or Sihu), and be prepared meet at 9 o'clock in front of the Dark Portal. If all goes well, we plan to rid Outland of one less pit demon.

If the wait staff of the tavern fails to return for any reason, the Kodo will be closed on a temporary basis while we hire on new staff. (So really, it's in your best interests to help if you're fond of drinking. And I know you are.)

If we succeed? Free booze for all.

For the Horde!

- The Zephyr Crew

(( What: An RP event to take down the 70 elite demon at the base of the Stair of Destiny. I KNOW.
Where: Meeting up at the Argent Dawn camp on the Blasted Lands side of the portal.
When: Thursday, March 22th, 9 ST. Punctual is awesome.
Who: Any and all willing participants able to cross the Dark Portal, or able to sneak on in.

Note: From an IC standpoint, this is to help out Mr. Bloodaxe with a certain piece of plot development. Ideally he'll be leading the charge, and it will be SPECTACULAR. ))

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