The Westbrook Light BrigadeEdit

This seemingly innocent militia working out of Stormwind masks a darker purpose, headed by the sinister Lord Sebastian Cromwell at the bidding of secret Dark Masters. The Brigade has been causing problems around Stormwind and its surroundings for some time now, operating out of the The Westbrook Garrison


The membership of the Brigade revolves with circumstances, but currently there is a core group that is loyal to Cromwell...

Tybilt - Cromwell's son and chief Captain of the Brigade
Pook - Tybilt's partner, converted by Cromwell's dark Ritual to her current state
Ironbeard - A steadfastly loyal Dwarf, easily the most reliable of the volatile group
Quethmarren - Formerly under the study of the Paladin Andrinn, this bounty hunter wanted to walk a darker path...

Current OperationsEdit

The Brigade continues to find people to corrupt...err...recruit, seeking people of like minds who believe that good and evil are simply names for changeable points of view and seek to walk a path shadowed from the light.

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