Race: Troll
Age: 14
Birthplace: Eastern Plaguelands
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker
Affiliations: Harbingers of War

Appearance: Tifi is fairly young for the short-lived Trolls, only barely of age, and her tusks are only starting to come in. Her greenish skin and hair indicate a Forest Troll background of some kind.


Tifi is painfully shy, spending most of her time lurking around in the shadows. She only speaks a few varieties of Troll and no Orcish at all, making it easy for her to misunderstand people's intent.


Born to the Mossflayer trolls in the Plaguelands, her parents took her when the contamination of their people started to spread to the Witherbark Trolls in the south. They took in Tifi as a servant but killed her parents, thinking them contaminated. She recently escaped to make her way on her own, but still has a very timid outlook on life.

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