Toroca Frostrage
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Shaman
Guild None
Professions Herbalist/Skinner
Vital Statistics
Height 8'7"
Build Slightly bulkier than the average jungle troll.
Hair White
Eyes Orange
Personal Information
Age 52-55
Birthplace Dun Morogh
Marital Status Currently in a relationship.
Family Many, many, many children scattered throughout his homeland.


Name: Toroca Frostrage
Race: Troll
Class: Shaman
Professions: Herbalist/Skinner
Age: 52-55
Birthplace: Dun Morogh
Current Residence: Thunder Bluff
Specialization: Enhancement
Appearance: An imposing figure, Toroca stands at a height of 8'7" and has the large frame to match. He's big, as many trolls go, and has a slightly gruff, though even voice. This fellow is quite well-spoken and mostly lacking in distinguishing marks - save for a large, jagged scar that goes across his neck and three that criss-cross his chest. Pale orange eyes calmly survey his surroundings. He wears a silver bracelet around his right wrist, there's a sapphire set into it.

Toroca, at one's best guess, could be in his early fifties. He appears well-kept, fit, and quite healthy, despite his age. His snowy-white hair is an obvious mark of his Frostmane descent. His mantle rarely comes off, but when it does, there is a snake-shaped burn scar over his right collarbone.

Ghost Wolf: A large white wolf. His eyes are pale orange, and he tends to prowl wherever he goes.

Personality Edit


Relations Edit

OOC NoteEdit

I welcome feedback - except on the following points:

1. I know about the Tribe thing, and don't care. If you don't like it, don't RP with me, but keep in mind that the characters rarely - if ever - bring it up.
2. The ages that are listed are how old the character would be if he/she was human.
3. World of Warcraft's timeline confuses the utter shit out of me. Vagueness is on purpose.

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