Description Edit


Jade modeling the guild Tabard

Guild Leader: Jadenala (kinda) Mugthol (thinks he is, at least)

Guild Status: Temporarily Inactive

Several colorful adverts have been posted around taverns, from the seediest to the richest bars(the adverts were posted, nothing said about them staying up, however). Most read:

"The Trade of Blades is here and ready to work!

Need a job done? Look no farther! Obstacles removed! Monsters slain! Rivals neogiated with! Annoyances taken care of! Mother-in-laws rendered unable to complain! And in a very permanent way!

Any job done, just name your price."

History Edit

The four primary founders, Jadenala, Vrishka, Mugthol, and Yasiin, were formerly of the Morshan Outriders. However, disagreements with the leader and Jadenala becoming bored of it lead to the members disbanding. Jade left since she only joined since it sounded fun, Vrishka decided to follow her wife, Yasiin left since she thought that Robozk was a weak leader, and Mugthol left since he didn't have any reason to stay with many of the core members leaving.

The four formed a new band, this time not directly under military control, perferring to act as a mercenary band. Jade formed it in hopes of it being more fun then the Morshan Outriders, Vrishka just followed her wife. Mugthol was promised the position of leadership, and Yas joined saying that she now wanted to make money.

Recently, the Trade of Blades has disbanded, Jadenala deciding that she wished to take some time away from Adventuring to drink, rest, and prepare for what she believed were greater adventures to come!

Members Edit

Jadenala, Demolitions/Tracking
Mugthol the Brains
Vrishka the Muscle
Yasiin Infiltration

Notable Jobs Edit

(under construction)

Rates and Fees Edit

(under construction)

OoC Edit

((The Trade of Blades is a small, heavy RP guild focused on getting instance groups and PvPing.

Our members will generally welcome RP (within reason and when we are not about to log off) from outsiders.

Also, if a story requires a mercenary character, one of us will be glad to help out

Currently we are not an active guild, most of our members have moved along or are taking a leave of absence at least until the Burning Crusade releases. At that time the Trade of Blades will once again be in business, plundering outlands and overstaying their welcome in the wonderous lands outside of Azeroth.))


Clover: Jade's faithful pet, Trade of Blades' unoffical Mascot and Footstool

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