Description Edit

Founder: Arrendia
Captain and Councilor of Shadows: Aurand
Worldwalkers: Pesmerga, Myrrodin, Kalae, Delasia, Zadiera, Ileraphon

Rumors abound in Azeroth of a fellowship that welcomes those who have been or would rather be forgotten. Providing refuge, support, companionship, and a blade to guide them, the fellowship made of wanderers, vagabonds, lone wolves, worldwalkers, travelers and even the occasional thief roam both continents and the seas between. This good-natured, if a bit shadowy group is known to protect their own, and keep their cards close to their chest. Frequently signs and markers have been seen around Azeroth as evidence of their presence, but their goals and intentions only their councilors know for sure. But those in need have spoken of a silver coin palmed into their pouch when most needed in Goldshire, or a warm bowl of stew left in a stable for a dwarf on the run, or even a blade flashing in the dark to strike down an enemy unseen. They are supposed to be easy to seek out, at least if they find you worthy enough to share the secret sign, and demonstrate the marker of their fellowship….They are the Fellowship of Travelers and Thieves…. .

The Signs and Markers of the Vagabond Network

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