Race: Gnome
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker, future elemental leatherworker

Appearance: Of average height for a gnome, Treenitty tends always be in her armor. Her armor, usually made by herself, is rarely clean and tends to be covered in evidence of recent battles. Not one who chooses on looks, her armor is usually dark and functional.

However, when she does relax, she likes to wear comforable shirts - usually red or black - and looser pants. She hasn't worn a dress or a skirt since she was too young to remember, and she intends on keeping it that way.


Small, violent gnome. That's pretty much all you need to know.

Treenitty is like a small, abandoned cat. She looks cute enough, but when threatened, exudes violence from every pore and turns into a ball of rage. This is especially prevelent when she's drunk...well at least her violent drunk stage. Treenitty's violent-drunk stage has left her fighting dwarves and other gnomes, but it's the night elves and humans whom she scares the most. Many humans and elves have fled whatever drinking establishment they've been attending, scared of a gnome wielding a large breadstick as a weapon - and able to do reasonable damage with it. She's not above throwing whole fish either.

However, before the violence sets in, drink makes her thoughtful and a little vulnerable, it usually leaves her muttering about Gnomeregan.

When drink is not in the equation, she loves a good fight. Fair or unfair, she likes to come away as the victor. She has problems with other confidence, but her abilities as a rogue serve her well when she gets in over her head.



Born and raised in Gnomeregan, Treenitty was the daughter of a mage mother and an engineer father. Her mother would continually try and convince her of the joy that was leading a life as a mage, Treenitty argued that she was just wanting someone to follow in her footsteps. Treenitty once tried the magely arts by attempting to conjure a muffin. It exploded and left uncooked dough over all the walls.

Treenitty, at this time, had no idea of what she actually wished to do with her life, as she hadn't shown natural talent with anything. However...she was very good at playing hide-and-seek with her friends, but being good at a children's game that involves hiding and staying out of sight isn't the kind of thing a person could do for a living...

The Fall of GnomereganEdit

Treenitty lost her family in a trogg attack. Her father was out at the time, so her and her mother and younger sister were all by themselves. Treenitty's mother threw her into her room and closed the door, trying to take the beast down by herself. All Treenitty could hear were the screams. The only thing that was worse was when the stopped. She waited until there was no sound outside, picked up her pet bunny Ruk and ventured outside.

Her mother was dead before her, but so was the trogg...but her younger sister Dizzle was no where to be seen. There was nothing but her pacifier and some blood.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

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