Name: Triel Reinard
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Professions: None
Affiliation: Ministry of Pandemonium
Status: Active

Appearance: Triel is tall and slender like most in her race. Her hair is stark white and always worn back and out of her face. Her expression is often intense if a bit dark and she carries herself with the care and grace of a cat out in the wild.


Triel is quiet and often quite thoughtful. She firmly believes that trust is something that is earned not given freely. For most of her life she has preferred the sanctity of the forests to the bustle of cities, and the company of beasts to the company of others. In passing months however she has finally made her way back out into the world to interact with the other races. A bit haughty, she finds humans to be like destructive children while Dwarves and gnomes provide her with no end of amusement. Nevertheless she tries not to judge prematurely on one's race, but on their actions alone. She is shrewd and often comes across as bitter or tempremental but she has a warm heart, its just that she doesn't let just anyone get to it.



Triel was born into a family of druids. While they appreciated her love of the forest and wildlife, her eventual withdrawal into the forest brought them no end of displeasure. Fenor, her older brother, became the golden child and proved himself to be as good a Druid as their parents had been. Quickly enough she was dismissed as the black sheep for not being as charismatic and involved in Night Elf and Alliance affairs as Fenor had had always been. Still she remained very close to her younger brother Eriellan who was in the process of becoming a druid as well. Her parents and brothers soon began working with other druids in the attempt to create a sort of small alliance with a small tribe of Tauren druids on their borders. Displeased with this Triel left to continue her hunter training, cutting herself off seemingly from everyone but her brother.

It was some time later that she heard tale that her younger brother had been killed while trying to make contact with the Tauren. Enraged she travelled back home to Ashenvale to confront her family as well as grieve over the loss of her favored brother. It was at this time that she had a serious argument with her parents who thought it was best to continue their efforts as they planned to meet with the Tauren Druids despite what had happened to Eriellan. That meeting never happened though. Her parents as well as the Tauren they were supposed to be meeting with were found murdered not long after. The circumstances of their death were a mystery, one explained by her older brother Fenor who explained that the Tauren had in fact turned on them and a deadly battle had ensued. To this day only Fenor and Triel know the truth of what occured, though they seemingly have very different opinions on it.

Now she finds herself having strange periods of time where she blacks out and wakes up often injured and somewhere she doesn't remember traveling to. It was just after one of these blackouts that she met a young priestess named Jilliane Damar who insisted on saving her life. The two have been strange friends ever since, sharing the secret of Triel's blackouts, neither knowing the cause.

Shortly thereafter Triel and Jillianne began the Ministry of Pandemonium based on the Chaos they seemed to have a firm understanding of.

Guild: Ministry of PandemoniumEdit