Name: Trinda To'Baga
Race: Troll


Class: Warrior
Professions: Tailoring and enchanting
Age: Eighty-eight
Height: 6 feet 10 inches
Weight: 196 pounds
Affiliation: Coldblood Blitz Clan.
Status: Dead

Physical AppearanceEdit

Trinda has icy white hair with flecks of grey. Her skin is a blue that matches a clear summer sky. Her eyes are an orange-red colour. Her skin is rather wrinkled and has a near-leathery look and feel to it.

She usually wears her tradtional Frostmane garb when she's in a casual atmosphere. However, she has been known to wear it in battle from time to time. Apart from her Frostmane armour, Trinda has several dresses and suits of armour that she wears at appropriate times.


In a nutshell, Trinda is a walking, talking contradiction.

Trinda is an old Troll. As such, she has a few views that are seen as "backwards" (she is quite vocal about her dislike for the Undead). At the same time she is a female warrior which, in many Troll societies, is fairly progressive.

For the most part, Trinda is a very smiley person. It takes quite a bit for her to lose her smile, smirk or grin. When she does lose that smile, she gets very riled up. In this riled up state she sometimes makes hasty decisions.
Trinda is also a drinker in her down time, she almost always has a bottle at her side or in her bags.


Crick crack. Leopard break he back.

The Beginning: Born in Shimmer Ridge many years ago was a Frostmane Troll named Trinda To'Baga. At the age of eight, she saw her father slay ten Dwarves on his own. She vowed to break the stereotypical image of the female Frostmane. She would not be just another woman, she would be a warrior... a Snowstrider. This did not bode well with the males her own age, but her father saw potential. He trained her secretly in the foothills of the Ridge.

At the age of thirteen, her secret training was discovered by one of the Troll boys. He quickly reported it and Trinda was brought before the Elders. They asked why a female would want to learn to fight. Her answer was simple. She wished to help reclaim her homeland. She pointed out that some males stayed at home to craft weapons, cook or sew. Traditionally they were a woman's job, but there they were, men sewing. The Elders noted this and allowed her to continue studying the ways of the warrior under her father.

The Exile: Trinda was eighteen, she was a junior Snowstrider. She had just started out her evening patrol between Brewnall and Shimmer Ridge when she heard a cry. It was a young Dwarf girl being attacked by some wolves. Trinda stepped in and saved the child. Before she could tend to the young Dwarf, some senior Snowstriders who had seen the event take place dragged her infront of the Elders in Frostmane Hold. Trinda had commited a great act of treason assisting a child of the Dwarves. Execution was imminent, but Trinda's father and elder brother pleaded on her behalf. They were both respected in the community, so their opinions mattered. Trinda was spared from execution, but had to deal with a fate nearly as bad... Exile.

A few days later, while wandering the area searching for food, Trinda had an experience that would shake her to the core. She saw the young Dwarf she had saved playing near Helm's Bed Lake. She approached the little girl and instead of a smile or a thank you, Trinda was pelted with rocks and the girl called the guards. Trinda would -never- consider saving a Dwarf again. Over the years, Trinda would experience cruelties from many races of Azeroth.

Enter The Orcs: Decades later, Trinda had become a fairly competent warrior. Though because of her exile, she took the title of Headhunter rather than Snowstrider. She happened across a group of Orcs and Trolls... Odd that there were races that tolerated Trolls... and not just one tribe either. She noticed there were forest and jungle Trolls in their ranks. She approached them cautiously and they welcomed her. Trinda had found allies for the first time in a long time.

Birth of the Tribe: Fairly recently, Trinda had a revelation. She was old according to Troll standards, it meant that the Council of Elders that exiled her were long dead. Possibly a few Councils had come and gone. Most anyone who had been around for her exile would have forgotten or been dead. Perhaps it was time for Trinda to return home.

She snuck past the Dwarves in their outposts. She headed towards Frostmane Hold. Trolls being Trolls, they attacked her on sight and she was forced to defend herself. Rather than kill them, she knocked the first few out. Upon seeing her obvious Frostmane likeness, they ceased and allowed her audience with the new Council. Here she pleaded her case for the Frostmane to ally with the Horde. The Elders, seeing the wisdom in her words and recognizing her as a Frostmane, granted her a position as the Chief of External Relations. However, because of her age most of her newly formed unit simply called her Mama.

Crick crack. Wire bend. Dat's de origin story end.


Of an Orc and a Troll

An Unceremonious EndEdit

Trinda was an avid fisherwoman in her downtime. Zakiue would always caution her to wear armour even at these periods of rest. Stubborn as an old goat, Trinda would never heed this warning, despite it being common sense. One day, while fishing in Ashenvale, she was riddled with Night Elven arrows by unknown assailants.

Her body floated down the river into the Southfury and eventually into the sea. Trinda To'Baga was dead. Her family, the Coldblood Blitz Clan would soon realize her absence

Her spirit roams Dun Morogh, having never accomplished any of her major goals.

OOC NotesEdit

I am quite aware that eighty-eight is very very old for a Troll. Sorry if that ruffles your feathers, but that's how it is. She was this age on January 29th 2006, when the server Thorium Brotherhood opened .
Sihu is the artist of the image. Many thanks to her for creating it and letting me use it.
The character has been deleted and will never be returning. The character, Trinda, is dead for good (real dead, not comic book dead).

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