Name: Trisandra Dawnheart
Race: Blood Elf
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown
Born: Quel'Thalas
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
Status: Active


Trisandra, like many elves, is a slender, graceful thing, with warm, fair skin and thick auburn hair. Her slanted green eyes shine with the familiar glow of her people. While not particularly tall, she carries herself with a prideful countenance that sometimes lends itself to a more powerful presence than physical size alone. She keeps herself meticulously presentable, very rarely allowing herself to be startled or flustered. When she is, however, it can be fairly amusing.


It could easily be said that Trisandra takes herself far too seriously. While she doesn't lack a sense of humour, any joke in which she finds herself or her position in society to be mocked will quickly sour her mood. She is introspective, yet social as well - to a degree. She tends to keep to her own race, unless there should be a very good reason to associate with "lesser beings". That being said, she is surprisingly civil when the occasion calls for it.

It isn't terribly unusual for her to show some odd form of compassion to those she meets with little to no precursor to her kindness. She has an odd sort of duality to her, and this can often be confusing.


Firebirdsmaller((In Progress))


((In Progress))

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