Name: Tryptica (formerly Dominatus Trypticus)
Race: Forsaken (formerly human)
Class: Warrior
Professions: Armorsmith
Age: Unknown; 29 at death
Birthplace: Lordaeron
Current Residence: The Undercity, Lordaeron

Physical Appearance Edit

A tall, broad, and imposing figure, Tryptica (as he is known) is a soldier in the service of the Undercity's military force. He stands a daunting 6'3" - rather large, for a human - with broad shoulders, a well-defined neck and chest, and muscular arms and legs. His hands are perpetually clenched, at his side or around the hilt of his immense and subtly curved greatsword, and he walks with grace and purpose.

Tryptica's body held together well through death, and into undeath; while the usual smell of earth and corpse follows him doggedly, as it does to most of his kind, he does not tend to protruding bone and missing limb. In fact, quite the opposite is true: his limbs are all present and in working order, with all digits accounted for; his flesh is smooth and pale, rippling with dead muscle; stitches and bandages hold clean and closed any wounds he suffers.

Despite this, he chooses to clothe every inch of his body, preferably with armor, wearing conventional clothing beneath. He is never seen outside his elaborate, if dilapidated, platemail, and his dull, dark helm obscures his face in shadow. As he speaks, his deep, baritone voice echoes and resonates through his helmet, hollow but forceful. Although maintained and functional, the dark armor is worn, beaten, and seems to have seen plenty of use.

Strapped to his back is a great, two-handed sword, wrapped in soft cloth. A gentle arcing curve and obvious care and maintenance brings the blade to a wicked edge; slight but smooth cuts pepper the cloth the blade is kept in, betraying its sharpness. A smaller (and less cared for) sword hangs at his waist, alongside a large dagger. A thick shield hangs by its straps over the man's shoulder.

OOC InformationEdit

((For roleplaying purposes, Tryptica is considered a private in Lordaeron's standing army at this time.))

((While game sprites do not allow great variation in physique or anatomy (aside from male/female), Tryptica's bones do -not- stick out at the knees and elbows, nor does he walk or move with the hunch, the awkward gait, and/or the lack of fluidity that is prevalent in Forsaken game sprites. In character, his posture is excellent, his gait is smooth, and his movements are graceful.))

((Tryptica2.jpg is custom art, credited to Sihu.))

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