Race: Draenei
Age: Impossible to determine
Birthplace: According to him, it "went asplodey"
Class: Shaman
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy
Affiliations: Alliance

Appearance: Tuuron's appearance is none to extraordinary - as Draenei go. He's a perfectly normal looking, seven-and-a-half foot tall, blue-skinned, cloven-hoofed man. His only really distinctive features are the ridges on his cheek and nose. That being said, he tends to stand out in a crowd; less due to his appearance and more due to his boisterous personality.

His armour and weapons are relatively simple and unadorned, having been scavenged from the wreckage of the Exodar fragment in Ammen Vale. Despite that, however, he tries to keep them in as good condition as possible. He eschews the robes or kilts used by other shamans for more practical pants and vests.


Tuuron is rather loud and boisterous, and isn't ashamed to admit it. Fortunately, he's also rather amiable and good-natured, so he's rarely truly a nuisance. He has a tendency to loudly proclaim whatever is on his mind at the moment, or whatever it is that has grabbed his attention.

Despite this, he is friendly and amiable, and very outgoing. Despite the circumstances of his race's arrival on Azeroth, he has nothing but the greatest respect for the Alliance and its member races. He will often comment (loudly, of course) about how "strange" and "alien" his new home is, especially when compared to his homeworld.

He has a strange, self-depreciating sense of humour, coupled with a love of making strange, untranslatable puns.

"I am very much liking your world. It has so many things that we no longer have on Draeneor. Oceans, for example. And sleepwalkers too."

While he may seem easygoing, Tuuron is anything but lax. He is a firm believer in his people and their cause, and is devotedly loyal to Velen and the Naaru. When given a task, he will do all that he can in order to accomplish what has been laid out before him.

While loyal to the Alliance, he has very little love for the Horde, given the history between his people and the Orcs. However, he knows that their true enemies are the Burning Legion, and that, as distasteful as it may seem, the Horde are to be left be.



According to him, Tuuron was born "some time ago", but he won't say if it was on Argus, Draenor or somewhere else. On Draenor, he lived in a small town in Terrokar, south of Archudion.

Unfortunately, like the rest of his people's settlements, his town was targeted for destruction by the rampaging Orcs. At the time, Tuuron was one of the Town's defenders, and fought against the rampaging Orcs. When the dust settled, he was one of only two survivors of the town, along with his younger sister.

The pair of them later joined Velen and the others in hiding in Zangarmarsh, biding their time while the rest of their race died, or were corrupted into the Broken. However, he also felt that he had failed his race, as he had not been able to save his people. Tuuron doubted his role as a warrior and protector.

The CallEdit

In the aftermath of the third war, the Draenei forged a link with a tribe of their Broken cousins following a vision of Velen's. These Broken introduced new ideas to the Draenei, specifically the powers of the elements and the strange magic they practiced known as Shamanism.

Fascinated, Tuuron studied these magics, curious to see how they worked. Through his leanings, as well as talking with other Broken, he began to realise the power that the elements possessed and granted to those wise enough to use them.

To his mind, it was a chance at redemption. While he had failed as a warrior, he may yet succeed as a Shaman. Where steel was ineffective, the powers of the elements would allow him to protect his people. He embraced this new path, becoming one of the growing numbers of Draenei shamans.

Exodar and AzerothEdit

Tuuron joined the other members of his race in the attack on Tempest Keep, retaking the Exodar and then stealing it away to Azeroth. Since his awakening in Ammen Vale, he has sought to continue the Draenei's mission to Azeroth. He has pledged to aid the Alliance, the force which he believes that will be able to defeat the legion.

(More to come as play continues...)

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