Character:Softblade(deleted) Author User:Imzadde.

Twins. She was still getting used to the idea, even as her belly began to look as if it wanted to explode. Onikoha and Erachayo never seemed to want to sit still either. Just a little rest she begged her little ones. The day had been very long even though she'd hardly done anything. 'Ow!' She hollard for the umpteenth time. She shifted her belly which she was almost certain was black and blue on the inside. Comfortable was not something she'd been in many nights. She closed her eyes and prayed for some relief from the kicking.

Her tummy started involuntarily contracting. It only lasted a moment, and didnt even hurt. She took some deep breathes before waking her husband or hollaring for Maya her midwife. She waited. Would there be another? Suddenly the sound of a shredder cut through her thoughts. She started laughing realizing her brother Shadowhoof in the next tent over must of finally hit his deep sleep. She had grown accostomed to listening to his snoring during the night, listening to its rise and fall in pitch.

She cuddled closer to Barronidas, pulling his arms tight around her. "Wait just a bit longer little ones. Just a bit longer." Closing her eyes, she let her brother's monsterous snores from the teepee over one sing her to sleep.

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