Tyhlae Madeleine Dawnstalker
Game Information
Race Elf
Class Huntress
Vital Statistics
Build Huntress-y? Muscular, but certainly not with body-builder muscles. More like 'physically fit' muscles.
Hair Bright red
Eyes Teal
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 22
Birthplace Stormwind
Marital Status Engaged
Pets Rih'dan the dragonhawk and Nyr'anya, Rih's baby.
Family Kae'nas and Nyr Dawnstalker (father and mother ; deceased), Ja'azi Darkspear Dawnstalker (adopted child), Kaisanas Scarrunner (fiancé)

Appearance: Her hair is colored naturally like the tip of a flame. Mainly a shade between chestnut and vermilion, it has flecks and dashes of peach and white just out of her part. Cut rather choppily, it looks as if she cut it herself, and with a blade, quickly. Dust and dirt seems to be speckled all over her hair, though it is a bit combed out. Appearance seems to be below comfort for her. Almond-shaped eyes rest below her scarlet eyebrows. They glow a teal-ish color, neither the blue of many Quel'dorei nor the green of the Sin'dorei.Her left ear seems to have the end of it nicked off, and though it's noticeable, it's not a significant portion of her ear. Golden hoops hand from her ears and make just the slightest tinkling sound when the two beads also strung through her ears on each side hit each other. Around her neck is a silk red ribbon tied loosely. She checks to make sure it remains where it is at all times. As well, a simple white bracelet rests on her right wrist at all times.

Important People Edit

Leanessa "Rihanae" Caledon remains her best friend to this day, despite the fact the human ex-assassin is allied with the Alliance technically, and Tyhlae with the Horde.

Leanessa's sister Leannah is a close friend of hers as well.

Ashanta Shorestrider is Tyhlae's officer and best Sin'dorei friend.

Kae'nas Dawnstalker and Nyr Manawhisper, both of which are deceased.

Kaisanas Scarrunner is her fiancé.

Ja'azi Darkspear Dawnstalker is the troll baby girl Tyhlae adopted at her mother's death, who was a friend of Tyhlae's.


Growing up in Stormwind, among more humans than elves, Tyhlae never had her race's typical elitist view on life. Her mother was a respected mage who taught the others of the Alliance the magic of the Arcane, while her father was an ranger and a sort of veterinarian and expert on animals. As such, she grew up around both the Arcane and nature, and found her preference to lie with the dragonhawks and cats and assorted other animals her father held dear. However, she often traveled between Dalaran, Lordaeron, Gnomeregan, Stormwind, and a few other Alliance cities, though primarily raised in Stormwind. She made friends slowly but always stuck with them, despite her constant moving. Finally, when she was in her late teens, her mother passed away due to illness. Her father sank into a deep depression and took any frustrations out on her by insulting her, forever lowering her self-esteem. When the Scourge wiped through Silvermoon, Kae'nas Dawnstalker was among the elves killed, presumably, though she never found the corpse, leading her to believe he most likely became an undead.

Current StatusEdit

Currently, she lives in Silvermoon with the occasional visit to Ashenvale. The has a self-appointed job of finding weak, young, or injured animals and training them until they can survive on their own. Her only permanent combat pet is Rih'dan, a fairly young dragonhawk female. The two seem to be more like best friends or family rather than hunter and pet due to their unusual past together. Also, Rih'dan's child, Nyr'anya, stays with Tyhlae.

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