Tyrelys Manaheart
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Blood Knight
Professions Jewelcrafting
Vital Statistics
Height 6'1"
Weight 153 lbs.
Build Lean
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 190 yrs.
Birthplace Quel'Thalas
Current Residence Silvermoon City
Pets "Awbee" - Mana Wyrmling
"Fa'thien" - Dragon Hawlking
Family Allethera Manaheart - sister

"Selama ashal'anore. Justice for our people."


This elf is fair, immaculate, and unblemished. His eyebrows are tweaked and perfected like fine pieces of art. Tyrelys still retains the fair skin and light hair of his high elven heritage, though he has allowed a fair amount of facial hair to grow in.

Lately he appears to exude a faint, one could say holy, glow.

Somewhat well-hidden under his armor -or if there isn't any at all- there appears to be a small insignia of the Brotherhood of Northshire on a chain around his neck. Across the upper half of his torso seems to be a faint pigment discoloration, like a birthmark or some long-forgotten scar.


Over a hundred years before the orcish Horde invaded Azeroth, Tyrelys was born in the High Elf kingdom of Quel'Thalas. He came of age quickly partially under the guidance of his older sister, Allethera. When she came of age, she immediately began studying the arcane arts, specifically focusing on the element of fire. Tyrelys looked up to his sister and intended to follow in her footsteps, until the accident.

Allethera was practicing a particularly dangerous fire spell with Tyrelys spying nearby. The spell went awry and severely burned Tyrelys around most of his torso and upper extremities.

Special clerics and healers came from afar to help heal Ty's wounds and restore him to his unblemished, high elf state. Apart from an almost unnoticeable pigment discoloration, the restoration was a complete success. Amazed and humbled by the holy powers of the clerics, Tyrelys sought a new focus with his life, and in a few years when he reached adulthood, he traveled to the kingdom of Stormwind, and found the abbey in Northshire.

Tyrelys had finally found his place, even among so many humans who were less than half his age. After discovering the Light and accepting it as a part of him, Tyrelys eventually forgave his sister, but still always kept an uneasy distance away. He was taught that such magics should not be so carelessly wielded by human or elf.

Durring his time in the Brotherhood, Tyrelys witnessed and even cared for the Guardian Medivh while he was in a coma. Unfortunately, this soon broght the Orcish Horde into Azeroth. Tyrelys stayed behind to protect the keep while many of the clerics were called away to the battle. Unfortunately, the Horde broke through, and Tyrelys was one of few survivors in a valiant last stand to protect the Abbey.

After seeking refuge in Lordaeron, Tyrelys was able to travel back to Dalaran, where his sister now resided, to offer his forgiveness, which was accepted. Together, priest and sorceress, they helped fight back the Horde and retake the kingdom of Stormwind. Allethera returned to Dalaran while Ty stayed behind to help rebuild.

Then came the Scourge. The army of undead swept through the upper kingdoms so swiftly, by the time Tyrelys was able to reach Quel'Thalas, or even Dalaran, they had already fallen. In the wake of destruction, Tyrelys found one of his fallen comrades lying dead with his sword just out of reach. Ty picked up this weapon, grabbed a shield, and started fighting against the Scourge. And he has not stopped since.


Tyrelys has joined his kind in honoring their fallen brethren by calling himself a Blood Elf. He has made residence in the capital of Silvermoon City, vowing never to abandon his homeland again. Ty also reunited with his sister, Allethera, who managed to fight though the onslaught of the Scourge and return home as well. They reside together.

While Tyrelys feels that the Light has not completely abandoned him, he still draws much of his power from the imprisoned Naaru sent by Prince Kael'thas. It is seen as a necessary evil to fight the undead and protect his home. Tyrelys also keeps his mail armor and sword with him at all times, but keeps up appearances by wearing his robe over them.

Tyrelys now fights to retake his land, and has also forgiven the Orcs and Forsaken for their former corruption and seeks to redeem all Horde alike.


Ty is sleepy.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Though they do not see eye to eye, Ty still lives with with his sister, Allethera, in Silvermoon.

Stories & LinksEdit

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