Description Edit


Name: Uca

Race: Orc

Class: Rogue

Professions: Mining and Skinning

Age: mid-twenties

Birthplace: Near present day Orgrimmar

Current Residence: Calls no specific town home, travels constantly

Specialization: Dagger-heavy combat

Affiliation: Myth Guild

Alignment: Fights for the Horde and for her guild

Appearance: See attached image

Personality Edit

Uca loves combat, especially when in the company of her close friends. She also enjoys exploring for exploring's sake. It's not uncommon for her to just run around an area she's not familiar with just to get a better idea of what it's like and add the region to her map. She also keeps meticulous notes on her mining progress and where/what she mined in particular areas.


((in progress))

Relations Edit

Currently Uca has very few relationships within the Thorium Brotherhood. She has several close friends she's known for years, but is only just now starting to flesh out more relationships with guild members and other members of the Horde.

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