Guild Leader: Hypp
Officers: Jhonas, Mootrain, Skaroth, Kargaren, Vaca, Whatanhoggs

About UsEdit

Status: Active and seeking recruits!

Unforigven is a brand new guild; it is also a branch off of Coalescence. The guild seeks to explore all of Azeroth and have their accomplishments recognized as superior in all of the land. Through Coalesence they have proved to be tough fighters within the Molten Core, and are setting forth to enter Onyxia's lair. They wish to gather treasure, explore new areas of the world, dominate against anything in their path.


Since our guild is fairly new we are looking to gather new members. Experience within some of these deadly areas of Azeroth is nice, but it is not necessarily a requirement to join. Please check our guild bulletin board to learn more!

Bulletin Board a.k.a. Website: Learn more and apply to be a part of our team here!

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