Options and Misconceptions Edit

Character:Softblade(deleted) Author User:Imzadde.

It had almost been too much too speak, but finally she let it spill forth to Elder Gravehorn. She was without a mate and she was with a child. She looked to him for guidance, after he acertained the situation he laid out three options for her there in the dirt floor of the small teepee.

The first shocked her at the time and she had dismissed it very quickly, and now in the quiet of the night it seemed even more inconcievable to her. He'd drawn a brave and a squaw holding hands with a question mark over the pair. "Give my child to strangers?" she had hollared out in surprise, "Never! I could not do that! How would I know he or she was safe?" She had looked at the Elder like he'd lost his mind. Now in the silence of the eve, that thought horrified her even more. She'd already learned not everyone, not even all Taurens were very nice. Some were downright abusive. No her child would not go to a strange home. 'Over my cold dead body,' she thought to herself.

Then he erased the squaw and pointed to the brave, then to Softblade. "Take a brave for a mate? Who would be willing to take me and a child in?" Her voice had been much softer this time. Elder Gravehorn erased the question mark, thought a moment and then wrote a T above the brave and looked back at Softblade. Softblade stared at the dirt T and thought. Who could he mean? There were a few she knew with such a start to their name. "Torc? Thunderhorn?" Grave had motioned no to the first and yes to the second. "Isn't Thunder a bit young? Besides. Elder, I hardly know him." She seemed to plead for a different answer. He erased the T and wrote a D. "Dakari?!" she exclaimed, "He's but a child himself." He conceeded that might be the case. "I think someone older may be better, that is if I were to go that route."

Now that she was alone in the quiet, she thought on this and she became very certain she would much rather be mated with an older brave, even one considered to on the back end of the cycle of life, who would be there for her and her child first, and less concerned with making children of his own. She sighed. That was if anyone would even have her in her shameful condition.

The third option appeared to be the one most likely to happen, and Soft had nearly brimmed over with tears when Grave had indicated it. He had simply indicated his tabard. The Tribe, they would help raise the child. She was part of a family now and they would take care of her and the baby. "This is what it means to be in a family, isnt it?" He had simply nodded. In that quiet moment, she wondered if he knew how much like a father to her he'd become. He told her to rest, the baby needed it. So she had, even though she much prefered adventure, she'd succeeded to the wisdom of his years. Now lying in the teepee alone, looking out just past the door and up to the stars, she found herself unusually happy. In this time of pain and shame, she'd finally realized that inside the Rainwalker Tribe she'd found a home, a real home.

The Gentleness of a Friend Edit

She had not expected it. In retrospective she probably should have. A fondness had grown between her and him. He'd already promised to watch over with his life. Having cut his own hand on her blade as part of the promise. This was really just that same promise with deeper meaning. She felt no hesitation in answering yes. And she felt happy that he saw her without shame and with deep love. She hoped in time she could return the depth she felt come from him. He promised to never leave her and the child would be his own. They did not seal the deal with a tender kiss as one might expect, but instead she had placed his hand on her womb. "You daughter is active today. It is a good day indeed."

Bad Decision and Misconceptions Edit

They were all jabbering, however all she saw was Sunami standing their crying and blaming her betrothed. Her betrothed did not appear to be denying the claims Sunami made. Instead, he let her slap him right across the face. He submitted to it. As this played out in front Softblade, it was almost too much to bare. "Why not take both?" she heard Elder Primrosa say. "You want me to honor and care for two?" her betrothed had answered back. No it was too much bare. She turned and headed for the sanctuary of the lake.

As she reached the shoreline, she just kept going. Clinging to her Hyrdrocane, she plunged deep into the lake and deep into her thoughts. First she had seen the pain of Featherdrift, she had wanted so badly be to be the one to bare's Kelhern's child. She had watched helpless, unable to lift the woman's pain. She had her own pain, of being denied her hearts desire. The child had only made all of this worse. Now Elder Barronidas had stepped forward to take the place beside her to keep her from shame and to honor her and the child, and Sunami was left on the outside waving the flag of betrayed love.

Softblade wondered had he kissed Sunami? Had they been mated in the wild's of Mulgore and again in a quiet corner of Orgrimmar? What if Sunami was found with child? Was there more than just words between Barronidas and Sunami and was Softblade and her child the only thing standing between the couple?

And her child... there it hung as she dove to the deepest part of the lake. Her child's coming had not been the blessed event Primrosa's child was. Her child's coming was swaddled in pain and anger and hate. Her child was tearing apart the only family Softblade had ever known, inflicting wounds deeper than any blade Soft would ever fashion.

A whispered wind word to Barronidas and Earthmother, a soft prayer escaped her heart, "Earthmother forgive me." She severed contact with her betrothed and dropped her staff into the lake. She held her breathe for just a few precious moments, then when she could no longer hold it, she let go and breathed in the lake waters willing the lake to take her and her child. She was a coward, she knew it.

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