A Vignette

Author: Vanth

Vanth reclined in his lounge chair, on the sandy beach of just outside of Booty Bay. The blazing sun reflected off his sunglasses and he pushed his straw hat down to shade his face. The rhythm of the waves against the shore and the cries of the sea birds made him just a tad drowsy.

Two giggling bikini clad night elf women walked by the crystal blue waters. They saw his smirk and quickly sped up down the beach. Vanth laughed out loud. After all, he though, it must not be every day that an old skeleton leers at you. Especially not one in flip flops, beach shorts, and a yellow and red mageweave shirt so garish, Stormwind nobles might mistake it for modern art and hang it in a museum.

Vanth chugged his last drink and slammed it on the table. Almost immediately, he heard a ‘fwap, Fwap, FWAP’, sound approach his left shoulder. Suddenly, a dripping shadow loomed over him.


Vanth craned his neck and slid down his sunglasses to get a better look. ‘Eh?’.

A giant turquoise and emerald murlock towered over him. He had a black tie on his neck and was breathing heavily. He extended a single claw at Vanth’s empty cup. ‘Maugughghg, wahwak!’

‘Er…yes I do want another pina colada. With ice. And don’t forget the umbrella. Also, can you get a copy of Gadgetzan’s Business Daily around here?’

The murlock nodded, bowed stiffly, and returned with the newspaper and cold drink.

Vanth, already scanning the paper for Mageweave futures, absent mindedly flipped the murlock a gold piece. ‘Keep the change’

The murlock stared at the gold for a moment, gave Vanth a dirty look and then marched on down the beach gurgling under his breath.

‘Hmm Lesser Eternal Essences are up by three-quarters of a point today…The VC Corp is attempting a hostile take over of Stormwind Industries… Rachet Institute of Engineering announces guest lecturer Slorn Banethorn will return for a continuing series on Philosophy and Cognitive Automata…’

Vanth peered at the article. ‘Hmm. I just might have to cut my vacation short for this.’

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