Description Edit

Name: Vaien "V" Darkwind
Race: Undead
Age: 19 (At death)
Birthplace: Darrowshire
Class: Warrior

Affiliations: Warrior of The Argent Dawn, Member of Big Booty

This Undead is not like many other undead, his flesh seems to not be rotting away, and blood still pulses through his veins. Small signs of rotting at one time are present, but minimal. On the back of one hand is a faintly glowing rune that seems to have been burned on. On both of his shoulderpads, a Frostwolf insignia and an insignia of the Argent Dawn can be found, and on the right shoulderpad, a small pearl seems to have been shoved in.


Vaien is somewhat nice to those he does not know, not caring to be around strangers much. He seems to be a happy, good hearted man when around those whom he considers friends. Due to the invasion of the Scourge, and many other issues that needed to be dealt with, Vaien has ended the rebellion. Seeing that attacking the Forsaken, now while the Scourge was almost constantly invading, would cripple them, but eventually lead to the Scourge destroying most if not all of his race.


Early yearsEdit

Up until recently Vaien remembered nothing of his true life, the Plague wiping his memory.

He was born in Darrowshire, but was sent off to Stormwind to train as a warrior at an early age. He trained there most of his early life, getting only small amounts of time to visit his family. The day he was finished with his training, a strange voice called to him, leading him somewhere. Before Vaien even knew what he was doing, he was on a boat, sailing to the frozen mass of land known as Northrend with about seven others. As they hit land, Vaien heard the voice again, taking over his mind and leading him with the others to their destination. They eventually found a tunnel, small spiders scurrying about the walls, webs hanging from the ceiling. For days on end they traveled through the seemingly neverending tunnels which lead to even bigger hallways. As the small group got to what seemed to be their destination, one of the men suddenly collapsed. "Feast upon his flesh, keep yourself alive while the others are stricken down.." the voice echoed through Vaien's mind quickly. The other remaining men with him must have heard this message too, as they were staring each other down. The fallen man was torn to pieces and devoured by the now mindless men, completely dependent on the voice. They carried on, more and more tunnels lead them deeper. They began to find what looked like huge spider and scarab carapaces along the way, still seeming to tingle with life. One of the men had ventured too closely to a carapace, poking at it. A massive claw shot out of the shell and cut the man in two. Vaien and the others were told to think nothing of it, and continued on as such. From that point on, the corpses and carapaces littered the floor more frequently, and much larger spiders were crawling on the roof miles above the group. Echoing through the halls was the sound of Nerubian language thundered through the halls, as if being screamed to taunt the group away. After a few more hours of hearing the yelling, another man had gone mad, and ran off. Now constantly hearing in his mind, the voice and the Nerubians, Vaien moved faster and faster. He got to the exit before the others, and as they approached they were smashed under the boulder that was dropped to seal the exit.


Vaien kept walking, following the direction of the voice, until he stumbled upon a large ziggurat sticking out of the ground. He weakly found his way to the entrance, the spiderlike Nerubian guards allowing him to enter. The moment he did enter, he was knocked out. The voice still commanding him, the Nerubians still screaming... Hours later he awoke in a dark room, chained to a wall. He noticed others chained up as well... But they were horribly deformed, their flesh burned and rotted away, several stab wounds showing. Unnatural screeches and growls began to echo through the room, coming from behind the walls. A few moments later a hooded man entered the room through the large rusted door on the opposite side of Vaien. As the man got closer, Vaien began to notice that it wasn't a man...Rather the remains of a man... Its skull showing, pieces of flesh dangling off, empty eyesockets filled with nothing but darkness. With a low grumble, the creature dropped a vial onto the floor in front of Vaien, then disappeared. The vial, which had shattered on impact, was now letting off clouds of green dust, every time Vaien breathed, less breath was taken in. His body twitching and bending in unnatural ways, the odd movements eventually causing him to break the chains which held him to the wall. He grabbed at his throat, as if to let air in, but nothing but pain went down into his chest. His body started to become numb, his mind slowly letting go, the voice again taking control. Vaien's mind was suppressed, the Voice, Ner'zhul, TheLich King, controlling his body.


Weeks later, Vaien finally regained control of himself. As if sucked out of a nightmare, Vaien twitched and awoke. Pain instantly flew through his entire body, his eyesight turning red. He stumbled up and onto his feet and shook himself, the pain dying down. He closed his eyes and then reopened them, looking down at himself. He tried to scream in horror, but then noticed that half his throat was missing. Panicked, he tripped and fell backwards into a sitting position. He slowly lifted up his hand and eyed it closely, one eye twitching. It was almost completely fleshless, loose strands hanging off. Vaien stood up and took one more look at himself before he heard a woman yelling commands in a language that he had never heard before, yet still seemed to understand. He made his way towards the yelling, eventually ending up overlooking a fight between undead. Vaien gave a confused look at the battle before him, then turned, an instant before an arrow landed in the back of his head. Falling to the ground, dying again... Still hearing the sound of the woman's voice..

The RebellionEdit

What seemed like an instant later, Vaien lunged out of a mass grave. He looked around quickly as he stood up, examining the remains of Deathknell. He didn't want to go near any of the other Undead that were crawling out of the graves, or those training the freshly risen. He was almost scared, more shocked than anything. Vaien began walking through the forest like area, until he saw the place where he had died, now called the Undercity. Vaien went through what was left of the first room of the city, and then heard a slight echo, the voice within the echo sounding familar. Running through the throne room, and onto the newly made elevators, not seeming to care that they weren't there before, he kept moving. Eventually Vaien found where the echo came from. He eyed the many guards that protected the passage into the chamber, then looked at the woman who stood within. Vaien growled and left the chamber. Upon reaching the end of the passage, an abomination waddled by. Vaien poked its side. "Hey! You! Who's that woman in that room?" The abomination blubbered out a few words, barely understandable. "Thart be Sylvanas. She beeh reeel guuds tehs meeh!" Vaien blinked, then shrugged. Something else caught his attention then, the satisfied unnatural cackle of an undead, coming from a room next to Sylvanas'. Vaien looked in, an Undead with no jaw was forcing liquids down a human male's throat, the man pulling away and screaming in pain, then dying almost instantly. The man with no jaw cackled again and started eating the human's flesh. Vaien shuddered and left the city.

For the next few weeks, Vaien gained a lot of knowlege on what was happening. Then, one day an apothecary asked Vaien to give a pumpkin to a captured human in the basement of the inn of Brill. Vaien didn't know why he was to feed a prisoner, but went along with it anyway. The human greedily devoured the pumpkin, then almost instantly began rotting away, until he only had about half of his flesh left, the rest only bone. What was left of the human, collapsed. Vaien seemed pained, bringing such a horrid death to one who didn't deserve it..Nobody deserved it in his mind. Thus, he started openly speaking of the plague that the Forsaken were creating, and began claiming that he was not of the Forsaken, considering his beliefs. Thus the rebellion that many know Vaien for started..

After killing a few Deathguards who had attacked him for denouncing the Forsaken, a warrant was put out for Vaien's death. Many tried to claim this, but none have succeeded. One such attempt was on a seemingly normal day. Vaien was hiding out in the Tavern where he usually did, plotting his next move against the Forsaken. Suddenly the door swung open and a newly risen Forsaken stared at him and took out a crossbow, firing, but missing. Vaien laughed and backed the Forsaken into a wall, then knocked it to the ground. "Please! Stop! I'm sorry!" Vaien laughed with sadistic enjoyment as he attatched steel claws to his gauntlets, listening to the Forsaken's pleads contently. "Stop! Stop! I'll do anything!" Vaien smirked. "No." A metallic claw lunged at the Forsaken's face, aiming for its eye, and it was stopped an inch away. "NO! PLEASE!" Vaien growled and used his other hand, with the other claw attached, to take half the Forsaken's face off. It screamed in pain and crawled up against the wall, Vaien kneeled down, still smirking and took another swing at the Forsaken's face, then another, flesh flying off in different directions each time. "Kill me! End it!" the Forsaken pleaded. Vaien laughed and lifted the Forsaken to its feet. "One by one the Forsaken fall.." One metallic claw went into its lower stomach, the other into its chest. The claw that was in its chest suddenly lurched up and tore three large trench like wounds in the Forsaken's chest and neck. Vaien steped back and let go of the Forsaken, then went back to his daily life like nothing had happened.

Sanguis NoxEdit

Vaien was becoming desperate, the Tavern being flooded with attempts at his death every day. He needed a new place to hide.. Some form of protection. One night he overheard something about a "Church of Sanguis Nox". He had seen a few members of this church, they were fiercly protective of each other, so he decided to request admission into the church. They wouldn't let him join, he thought, but it was worth a try. One day in Orgrimmar he received word that some Tauren named No Grimtotem was to speak with him about Sanguis Nox. After being interviewed by the Tauren, he swore to give up the rebellion, and did for a small amount of time, but eventually went back to fighting the Forsaken. Eventually, dispite using them as protection, he became somewhat attached to the members of the church, and started believeing in its beliefs of night worship.

The HavenEdit

Vaien was having a lovely day. Enjoying the liveliness of Stranglethorn Vale, killing trolls and such, when suddenly he felt one connection to the moonstone tied to his wrist cut off. Then another, and another. Vaien blinked and said into it "What the hell just happened..?" No response. He somehow knew through that stone that something had happened. He shrugged it off and went on with his day. He later learned that most of the leading officials of the church had abandoned it. Even the Archbishop, Grashagul had done so. Those who were left of the Church decided to reform, giving up the church as well. Vaien went along with it, nothing else he could have done.

The InvasionEdit

Several people crowded around outside the Undercity, staring at the large floating building that had suddenly appeared in the sky. Horrific unnatural screeches echoed through the night as Scourge began appearing outside the city near two large circles that had appeared out of nowhere. Vaien was on his way outside to see what the commotion was all about when the ground shook slightly, loud thundering footsteps nearby. Aready, people within the city were yelling for the guards, and being killed by the monsters that had somehow gotten into the city. Deathguard after Deathguard fell before the massive undead, barely doing any damage to it. Vaien charged at the monster, but the instant he got within attacking range, every single one of his fears seemed to creep up and send him away from the beast, his mind going into shock for a few moments. Time and time again, he was sent away, until he figured out how to overpower the strange surge of fear that came to him as he attacked. Eventually the beast-like undead fell, alongside all the others that had as well. As Vaien left the city, he overheard people speaking of attacks in Tanaris and many other places on both continents. "Another problem added to the list.." Vaien grumbled to himself as he left.

Recent eventsEdit

Vaien's idea that Rum can solve anything has recently been applied upon himself, thinking that drinking himself silly will block out his emotions, and hence is now almost constantly drinking.

He's also started training as a warlock to control the power which he had ignored for so long, but is slowly losing control of it again, and randomly ends up covered in flames.

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