Description Edit

Name: Vajarra
Race: Draenei
Class: Anchorite (Priest)
Age: Approximately 500
Birthplace: Shattrath City
Residence: Terokkar Forest
Affiliation: Temple of Aldor

Vajarra and her twin sister, Vassanta, are of the younger generation of Draenei; born in a time of relative peace for their people. She showed an early aptitude for the healing arts, and eagerly began her training as an Anchorite, as well as assisting in the medical ward of the ship.

Though intelligent and well-read, Vajarra can often be extremely idealistic, no doubt a result of her rather sheltered upbringing. In spite of this, she is a social creature and makes friends easily, even with those it may seem unlikely.

Slender and tidy, Vajarra takes obvious care in her appearance and is a bit of a "princess", preferring to let her sister handle anything too scary or dangerous.

She crafts jewelry as a hobby and can often be seen wearing some of her handiwork on her tendrils and fingers. Though she lost all but one of her dresses in the crash, she has since acquired an appreciation for elven tailoring in particular, and owns a boggling array of dresses for every occasion.

Coming to AzerothEdit

The twins' parents did not survive the initial impact, but at least they had one another -- or so Vajarra thought. After a few grueling days assisting with the wounded, she and Vassanta began the journey from Azuremyst Isle to the mainland of Kalimdor, eager to explore their new world.

Hesitant, but trusting her more courageous sister, Vajarra agreed to meet at the dock. Hours passed, then days, but still Vassanta did not appear. Lost and frightened, Vajarra made the trip across the sea alone for the first time in her life.

Stepping into the noise, chaos, and confusion of Stormwind City, Vajarra was fortunate to meet some of her fellow Draenei -- the mage, Therodar, and a shaman, Vaayanae, both of whom would become fast friends.

She has an insatiable curiosity about all aspects of her new home, but has taken particular interest in Kal'dorei culture, particularly druidism -- no doubt partially as a result of her relationship with the elf druid, Varul.

She has also been working diligently to aid the Dwarves of Ironforge; her efforts as a battle medic in the fields of Alterac Valley finally won her the right to buy a riding ram. She named her new friend Sada, meaning "rain" in the Dwarven tongue.


Lonely without her sister, and freed from the rather strict rules of the medical ward, Vajarra befriended a Siamese cat she has since named "Eclipse" -- a creature of both light and shadow like herself.

She met and was soon courted by Solias, the somewhat questionable son of Devinicus, but she turned her attentions instead to a stoic druid, Varul. They met by chance beside the large tree in Stormwind's courtyard, and she soon took a liking to him in spite of his efforts to the contrary.

She has been reunited with her sister, Vassanta, whom she had believed to be dead after her long absence.

Vajarra was recently accepted as an anchorite in the revered Temple of Aldor in Shattrath city, and spends much of her time serving there. Now the proud owner of a snow-white gryphon, she is also keen to help the Cenarion Expedition on Draenor as well as exploring the wilderness of the home she never knew.

In spite of her uncle's protests, she and Varul have moved to a traditional druid home built in a tree on the border of Terokkar forest.


Two of a Kind

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