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1. the foremost division or the front part of an army; advance guard; van.
2. the forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.
3. the leaders of any intellectual or political movement.

Mission Statement - Vanguard's goals within the game World of Warcraft is to take advantage of, and enjoy, all the content provided for player by Blizzard, as a group of likeminded friends and company. This includes; Player vs Player (PvP) combat (Both Battlegrounds and World), Player vs Environment (PvE)(quests, instances, and raids.), and Roleplay (RP)(Casual and Hardcore) We hope not only to participate in some or all of these aspects, but stive to ensure none of them are mutually exclusive. As a classification as a Roleplay guild, naturally RP should always be a primary focus, but encourage the other avenues of play as well. Vanguard seeks to add to the community as a unit and as individuals. We strive to uphold the Terms of Service (ToS) set forth by Blizzard for the standards of conduct on a Roleplay server and hope to council others when they violate such term. In doing so we hope to help the RP server environment grow in a positive fashion. Likewise we hope that our roleplay and dedication to the RP server will bring flavor and color to the world, adding our collective creativity to imbue the game with a sense of perpetual community. Together we hope to achive great things, and earn the respect of our peers and fellow gamers.

Unity is Strength.

For the Horde!

History Edit

Under Construction

Membership Edit

Cerberus Alexander Draconis
Executive Officer Noelle Chaplain
Captain Roshanar Skychaser
Captain Ihoni Skychaser
Ambassador Vericyn Hyperious
Ambassador Jihana Hyperious
Veteran Graal Blackfist
Veteran Ophaniel Kel'Kanos

Qaelin Tel'Aeria

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