Description Edit

Name: Vanth Marius
Race: Forsaken
Age (at death): 24
Class: Warrior
Professions: Herbalist/Alchemist
Affiliations: Sergeant in the Undercity Military; Member of the Royal Apothecary Society; Former Thorn Elite of the Circle of the Thorn

Appearance Edit

Vanth was an athletic foot soldier in his living days, and he still has the same muscle tone in death. His grey/green skin has grown leathery and his face has become rugged with constant exposure to the elements. In an odd reaction to the plague, gnarled spikes of grey bone grow from his head. When in the field, Vanth covers these growths with a cowl to be less recognizable. His eyes burn a muted phosphorescent yellow, reflecting his cold, calculating intelligence.

Occupation and Personality Edit

Vanth has a practical mercenary ethic. He will take any job and do it well, no matter how foul, if paid. From his time as an enlisted man he has a strong desire for the chain of command. He takes orders from his leaders and strives to create a team atmosphere with those he sees as his equals. He values loyalty, discipline and common sense.

The Forsaken gave Vanth a second chance at life and an opportunity to be more than an unemployed veteran. He is fiercely loyal to the Forsaken people, and the Royal Apothecary Society who gave him a chance to better himself as a sanctioned alchemist.

His one true fear is the Scourge. The idea of being enslaved to a necromancer for eternity terrifies him. He despises deserters and human civilians.

Background Edit

Onward, Stormwind Soldiers...

From what fragments he can recall, Vanth grew up as a simple farmboy in the outskirts of the Elwyn Forest. A strong kid and sharp, Vanth somehow managed to finaggle the heart of the village beauty, Contessa. They were bethrothed, but before they could be married, Vanth came of age and was drafted into the Stormwind Army by a passing recruter. Having heard stories of veterans returning with missing limbs, Vanth decided to postone the marriage until he returned home, and was sure he could provide for a family. Contessa wanted to be married immedately and tearfully watched Vanth ride off West, to war.

After two years. the war ended. So did innocence. Vanth, a veteran enlisted man, returned grimmer and more ‘practical’ from his experiences. Still, he held the image of Contessa in his heart and returned to Stormwind in his dress whites, with a bouquet of forget-me-nots and a ring in his pocket.

What war could not do, a woman did. Vanth returned to find Contessa married to the son of the village miller. A rich man and ‘essential to the homefront,’ the miller’s son received an exception from the draft. Loney, and seeing a rich man that could take care of her, Contessa had married. Not one to mince words, Contessa told Vanth her mind. Medals and honor don’t bring silver to the table.

Broken, Vanth trudged off to Stormwind, seeking work. But there was none. Stormwind could hardly pay the masons working on its catherdal, let alone the influx of unskilled veterans. Each night, Vanth’s pension found him friends at the bottom of a bottle.

Next thing he knew, he was clawing out of a grave in Tristfall.

That is all he remembers. It it well then, that the archives of the Undercity Intelligence are secret to all but the highest ranking military Forsaken. The Forsaken has a problem. They need fighting men with know how and ability whom none one would miss. Sometimes, they find them.

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Vanth's VignettesEdit

Vanth and Squig
Vacation in Booty Bay
Scourge in Booty Bay
Vanth at Work

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