An Alo Alo Vignette

Author: Vanth

Vanth had to admit, the Cleft of Shadow looked beautiful at night. Volcanic heat from the Ragefire chasm during the day made the cavern’s stones pulsate with a deep russet glow in the darkness. This contrasted perfectly with the light navy blue sky that was barely visible through a fissure in the ceiling. Tiny white specks twinkled in the firmament.

He allowed himself one last glance, and then turned to his silent companion. Hooded and covered in a thick wool cloak that reached the floor, the tall figure would have hardly drawn notice in the day time. The Cleft of Shadow was well known for shady dealings and even shadier characters. What was unusual was the silver cord tied around the figure’s chest and how Vanth held it taught. ‘Come now, its not much further’ Vanth said leading his companion towards a decrepit pile of tenements. The figure moaned softly and shuffled forwards, the sounds of muffled clanking emanating from its cloak.

“B-b-but you can’t just do this! This isn’t how business is done!” sputtered the sweating goblin, turning a very pale color of green.

Squig leaned over the diminutive goblin, his huge tauren bulk filling up most of the room. “Listen. My godson is very dear to me. He wants to start his own singing career. He doesn’t need anymore of you or your band, Mr. Rizzu. I offered you 10,000 gold for his contract. You said no. So, I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.’

A second tauren quickly slipped a paper under the trembling Mr. Rizzu’s nose. There was a loud CLICK, and the goblin looked wide eyed down the barrel of a compact shotgun.

Squig leaned back serenely. ‘Mr. Rizzu, either your brains or your signature will be on that contract.’

‘Pardon me, Don Squig. You have a visitor in the atrium.’ a night elf majordomo appeared in the doorway, bowing.

‘Think it over Rizzu,’ Squig smiled and rose.

‘Vanth! How have you been?’ Squig grinned and shook the hand of the mail clad Forsaken.

‘Good. Business is good. My associates wanted to thank you for your information. They are very pleased.’

‘Think nothing of it. And who is your friend here?’ Squig asked, gesturing at the silent figure beside Vanth. Whoever he was, this visitor was even taller than Squig.

The fires in Vanth’s eyes flickered. ‘A gift.’

A deflated Mr. Rizzu trudged into the atrium, flanked by the bulky Tauren and the majordomo. ‘He signed’ bellowed the Tauren smugly.

Vanth’s eyes darted to the goblin and back to Squig. ‘Is he necessary?’ Vanth asked.


Mr. Rizzu had just received his scuffed up coat and crumpled fedora when Vanth spoke a word. Mr. Rizzu hardly noticed it. He was still aching. He DID notice when the man covered in a full length cloak (wasn’t he hot? I’m burning up in here) suddenly shredded his cloak into tatters. The next thing Mr. Rizzu knew, a sudden force slammed him to the ground and he was nearly gagged by the scent of rotting meat, open grave, and the thick cloying scent of spices. A monkey-like face, caked with dripping earth and mud, considered him with pale white eyes. ‘Eyes shouldn’t move like that’ the goblin thought. When a clump of white fell onto his cheek, AND STARTED WRITHING, he almost had time to scream.

Vanth looked on calmly, unfazed at the sounds of wet smacking, gurgling, and brutal crunching. The Tauren muscle and majordomo looked aghast. Even Squig seemed mildly taken aback.

When it was done, Vanth said another word, and the ghoul went still. ‘Direct from Duskwood.’ Vanth smiled.

‘Like I said, my associates are very pleased with the information you’ve shared. They thought you work might be a dirty business at times. So they sent you a cleaner.’

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