A Vignette in response to Rini Dieb.

Author: Vanth

Location: Undercity [Undisclosed]

Vanth scanned the blackened parchment. He frowned and the phosphorescent yellow of his eyes dimmed. He looked up from his desk in the Hall of Silence.

“This is interesting. But why the burn marks on the letter?”

Another cadaver sat across from Vanth. This one was old and nearly mummified. Cracking, earth-brown skin contrasted with an air of controlled vitality. He wore a suit of oiled leathers, still dusty from the field. “The letter was protected. Our head enchanter identified it as a Combusion spell,” the older Forsaken spoke. “Looked like Dalaran pattern. Unstable though. We had mindslaves open the letter. We were barely able to save it.”

“And the mindslaves?” Vanth queried.

The old Forsaken shrugged. A fluid motion. “They were humans. They won’t be hard to replace.”

Vanth nodded absently, and studied the letter closely. “Rini Dieb…never heard of them before today. Huh, they appear to be an organization of explorers…but their link to the Kirin Tor suggests they could be more than that. Another alliance intelligence organization perhaps? Dark Lady protect us! We’re almost at capacity countering SI:7’s maneuvers, and with the Frostmane’s thrice damned holy war…this could be a problem. Ok. Find our more about them, but don’t let this take priority over your primary mission. I need just enough information to establish a thread index for Rini Dieb. Then, I will reevaluate your resources and decide if this operation should be triaged. Let’s just hope our budget comes through. Anyway, excellent work, as usual, and your paycheck is in the mail. The Forsaken people thank you.”

The old corpse saluted. “The Dark Lady Protects.”

“…while Varmithras Strikes.” replied Vanth.

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