Vanyali Agatha Avenon

Race: Human

Age: 15

Birthplace: Lordaeron

Class: Rogue

Affiliations: Tentatively affiliated with The Tavern Lines

Hobbies: Carving, drawing

Appearance: This girl is scrawny and tomboyish, looking underfed and underdeveloped. Her hair is a light blonde and falls shapelessly around her face. Her nose is round and her cheeks are spotted with freckles. Her eyes are large and a kind of steel green, prococious and untrusting. She wears somewhat tattered and patched clothes.

Personality and OccupationEdit

Though young, Vanyali is highly suspicious and wary of others. She looks out for herself above anyone else, though isn't without some sense of loyalty to those she feels any respect for. She is quick to go on the offensive if she feels cocky enough, as well as quick to go on the defensive should she feel cornered or harassed. She keeps quiet unless encouraged to speak. When encouraged, any hint of introversion is gone, replaced with a loud and opinionated girl who will unashamedly express herself.

She has little to no respect for anyone who seems unable to think for themselves.

She is in the habit of picking pockets and locks. Perhaps something of a kleptomaniac, she is quick to knick anything she might consider of value. She often justifies her thievery by claiming others aren't appreciative enough of their possessions and must be taught a lesson. Either that, or they're just too stupid to be worthy of prosperity. Ever curious and with a surprisingly sharp ear, she listens well and often goes unnoticed enough to be a talented eavesdropper. She passes along information to anyone willing to pay for it.

Trivia/Random InformationEdit

- She can read and write, but very poorly.

- She likes flying bugs, bees and butterflies in particular.

- She is unreasonably afraid of heights, gryphons and crocolisks.

- She never carries more than three coins of any value on her person.

- After a drink, she becomes quiet and uncharacteristically subdued.

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