Description Edit

Name: Varul Neusypa
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Age: Roughly 2000
Affiliation: Cenarion Circle, particularly the Draenor Expedition

Varul is a scruffy, uncivilized looking elf, obviously not one accustomed to life in cities. It is easy to see, from the haggard appearance and grouchy mood he maintains whilst around cities, that he does not care much for them either. However, if one were to see him in his natural element, they would find a different elf -- in the wilds he may be equally serious and grim, but the sickly, haggard appearance that he bears in the cities is dispelled entirely. Along with... perhaps, a little bit of the grouchiness.

Physically, Varul is not particularly remarkable. Average height and weight for an elf, albeit somewhat leaner from years of living off the land. His face is hollow-cheeked and unshaved, and his hair is long and tangled. His clothes are typically very simple, and even shabby.

Out of the Woods Edit

Most of Varul's life was spent as a hermit-druid among the forests by the coast of Darkshore. He was finally ousted from this way of life upon the conception of Teldrassil; the creation of the new world tree, along with corruption spreading from Felwood, began to overwhelm most of the forest denizens, sending the creatures into rages and rendering the forest far too dangerous for an elf to inhabit on his own. Scorning the idea of taking up residence in that which took his home from him in the first place, Varul was driven to the east.

Changes Edit

Dwelling among the humans and allied forces in the city of Stormwind, Varul's life obviously began to take some drastic changes. Solitude was impossible in such a place, and he was quickly finding that he did not get on too well with the locals. Nevertheless, he did eventually adapt to the idea that dealing with other beings was mandatory here -- though he never did take to the humans, he developed a strong bond with the Draenei, along with a handful of other wayward druids who, too, had been driven to Stormwind. Bizarrely enough, he even found himself (through little of his own doing) in a romantic relationship with one of his draenei companions, the Anchorite Vajarra.

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