"Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished." ~Michael Strassfeld

Lord Vericyn Hyperious
Game Information
Race Sin’Dorei
Class Templar (Paladin)
Guild Vanguard
Professions Blacksmith/Miner
Vital Statistics
Height 6’1”
Weight 175 lbs
Build Medium
Hair Golden Blond
Eyes Emerald Green
Personal Information
Alignment Lawful Good
Age 378
Birthplace Silvermoon
Marital Status Married
Family Lady Jihana Hyperious (Wife); Ophaniel Kel'Kanos (Half-Brother)


This blood elf could almost be considered a paragon of the Quel'Dorei of old, the image his physical presence cuts is often synonymous with what most humans would described when asked of the High Elves. He is tall, clearing the six foot mark, with a build that speaks of physical training, but not to the exclusion of simply bulking up. His muscles are lean and toned, powerful like a hunting cat, and built to wield the weaponry that often accompanies him. A crown of golden wheat hair spills neatly down his back and over his shoulders, kept immaculately clean and trimmed. His features are sharp, intense and handsome. A pair of emerald green, almond shaped eyes turning up slightly at the ending corners watch the would with an acuity of a hawk in wait. Fine lips often pull with the hint of a smile, some elven blooded mirth clinging to his demeanor.

His outfits vary depending on the situation, but the elven Lord always dresses to impress. From his finely tailored silk dress clothes, to his hand forged platemail, each shows a great deal of craft and care.


When first met, one might place Lord Vericyn Hyperious as an arrogant man, too proud and haughty for his own good. With conversation and further contact one might learn a great deal more about the Sin’dorei.

Yes, Vericyn hold himself with pride, as many a Lord should, but it is not hubris that carries him. Instead the elven man believes wholeheartedly in his work and position withing the Blood Elf community. He is both Noble and Servant of the people, two jobs he takes quite seriously, and draws no shortage of pride from.

He is a man that believes he has a large pair of boots to fill left in the wake of his father’s death. He is a man of valor, putting himself first in any situation of danger, and he would never ask of another to do what he himself could not or would not. Often enough he would never ask at all, risking himself only to prove his is capable of leading his House, and never considering what would happen to the House should he die needlessly.

Despite this, the Elven Lord has an amazing sense of duty both to his House, and to his people. He is never afraid to lend a helping hand, and even less afraid of getting dirty from hard labor. These traits have often earned him the respect of the ‘commoners’, but to Vericyn it is a byproduct of a desire to help those in need.

He is brash, sometimes overstating a situation, or charging in head first to prove himself. It can lead to snap judgments that many need to be rectified later, or dangerous situations that the Lord may not be able to get out of by himself. Either way, it seems Vericyn has an excellent sense of how to apologize to offended parties for his words, and proves to be no slouch with a sword.

The Sun is the last aspect of Vericyn’s personality one might note. He is completely dedicated to the Temple of the Sun, and unlike many of his brethren never turned from the radiance of the Light. His is devout, and dedicated, doing everything in his power to lift the spirituality of the blood elves around him. Failing in that, his faith lends him the strength to protect the wayward in hopes of affording them the time to find their way back to the lost path.


House Hyperious is a long line of nobles that have tended to the faithful of the Temple of the Sun. As such Vericyn has ties to the Sin'dorei that cling to the Light. Likewise the House holds ties with the aristocracy of Silvermoon.

Recently, Vericyn has taken up associating with the Forsaken Arcanist-turned-Death Knight, Alexander Draconis, as well as maintaining excellent relations with the Dark Lady Sylvanis Windrunner and her council.


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