Race: Human
Age: 17
Birthplace: Stormwind
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailor/Skinner
Affiliations: Member of the Order of Tirisfal

Appearance: Clearly young for an adventurer, with pale skin and a slight build. Long, jet black hair is left to hang loose and frame her narrow face. Keen brown eyes watch the world. She wears the heavy robes of a spellcaster, invariably in dark clours, and has a pair of silver rings in each ear.

Her equipment tends to draw away from her otherwise sinister appearance. Hanging from her backpack are an ever-growing variety of small, cute plush toys. They include a large kodo, a white bear, a blue hydra and a green dragon, along with figures identifiable as Hogger the Gnoll, Mr. Smite, Herod the Scarlet Champion and Archmage Arugal. When bored, she can be seen to fidget with them or occaisionally stitch new ones.

She is usually followed by her Voidwalker Zag'Juk, who seems almost annoyed or depressed by her companionship. She treats him as a close friend, often idly chatting to him despite his lack of audible response. She has also come into possession of a shy white kitten named Mishka, who can often be seen trailing her, ducking behind Zag'Juk or hiding under the skirts of her robe.


Verien is bright, cheerful, enthusiastic and friendly. She seems to approach everything in life, from her studies and making friends to defending Stormwind and fighting terrifying battles with the same irrepressible enthusiasm. She is always cheerful, regardless of the situation, and does her best to pass that same cheer on to those around her. She is always polite, if somewhat pushy at times. Her occaisional somber moments pass quickly, as she soon finds something else to draw her optimism.

Her tastes are best described as odd; to her, the gloomy depths of Duskwood are "Cozy," giant hairy spiders are "Adorable" and Taurens always manage to draw a cry of "Fuzzy!" from her. She also seems easily distracted by shiny objects or passing animals, and has stopped many a hunter by idly patting their companion (and commited at least one faux pas with a druid). Despite this she has a keen intellect, and a strong desire to learn, explore, and discover everything around her.

She is always loyal to her friends, often going out of her way to help, or at least accompany them. Since joining Rini Dieb, she has done her best (despite her often difficult study and practice schedule), she has eagerly taken to their tight-knit group and assisted in guild events and exploration whenever she can.



Verien's earliest memories are of the catacombs underneath the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind. She was raised there from childhood by the city's hidden Warlock trainers. Although she attended school and occaisionally played with the other children her age, more often than not she was hidden away underneath the city, learning the dark arts of demonology. They looked out for her, provided for her and schooled her, but in no way showed her affection. To them, she was not a daughter; merely a student.

Her trainers frequently took her from Stormwind between the ages of eight and ten. In dark and secluded corners of the world and its cities she was introduced to concepts and people far beyond her age. Warlocks and trainers from accross Azeroth were shown the prize student. When war came once more to the world, her trainers brought her back to the safety of Stormwind and hid her away once more.

Early AdventuresEdit

When she had reached sixteen, they conceded that Verien had learned all she could in hiding. She was sent forth into the world, and signed to serve the alliance until they needed her once more. She spends as much time adventuring now as she does studying at 'home,' further increasing her powers and learning to command new and more powerful demons. The many people she met and the many places she has travelled to since introduced her to a variety of new skills, ideas and even ways of life. Despite the many distractions she now has, her trainers are remain impressed with her rapid progress and growth in power.

It was while setting out on another quest from Stormwind that Verien encounter an unusual argument between two highly unusual people. She watched as Chiseta and Farahl debated where to hide a treasure in the strangest way, and even joined in to offer her own bizzarre thoughts on the matter. She was offered a position in Rini Dieb on the spot, and has flourished with the guild since.

Recent TimesEdit

On an early adventure with Farahl, she discovered one of a set of scrolls apparently penned by a demon lord who travelled to Azeroth during the first war. While tracking down clues in these and subsequent scrolls across both continents, she met and grew closer to many members of the guild. For a while, she saw them as practically family, and was more at home plunging headlong into overgrown troll ruins with the guild than in her small room above the Slaughtered Lamb.

In time however, Rini Dieb gradually fell apart. Between Farahl's extended absences and internal turmoil between the members, the members realised it was time to go their separate ways. Falling in with her good friend Aishen, Verien was soon brought into the fold of the Order of Tirisfal. In her short time with the guild, she has acted on her long-time desire to explore the wildest places in Azeroth, and found an abundance of new friends.

Recent developments have changed Verien's views somewhat. She has learned more about demons than her trainers taught her; more than that, she has learned that her trainers lied to her about the nature of demons. She has also learned more about her history, and met her previously missing mother, Karina Lerenze. She was told of the 'deal' that put her in the care of her trainers; how they saved Karina in exchange for the child she carried. She has grown increasingly suspicious of her trainer's motives, and suspects they have some grand plan in store for her when her training is complete. Nonetheless, she presses on. With her final task all but complete, she can see freedom easily within her grasp.


Verien has a particular and unique approach to the demons at her command. As she learned more of their true nature, she became aware of their sentience and feelings. Verien decided to treat her minions as well as possible, both in battle and whiel exploring. Her four demons have each responded in their own way, and as shuch are far more 'personable' than those of many other Warlocks.



Quznar was Verien's first minion, and as such has seen the most change in her. At first, little more than disposable artillery to her, he has become something of a grumbling elder figure. On the rare occaisions he is summoned, he is more of a seasoned curmudgeon than an all-out whiner as many Imps are. In many ways, he is the 'old man' of her minions, and she has come to appreciate him even more after a brief stint working for Niby the Almighty and Impsy.



Zag'Juk was the second demon that Verien learned to summon, and the one she spends the most time with. Easily her favourite of her minions, both for his steadfast, reliable and all-but-indestructable nature and his seeming acceptance of Verien's many eccentricities. In truth, Zag'Juk displays little reaction at all to his master, but serves well and faithfully.

Zag'Juk frequently accompanies Verien in Stormwind and the many towns she visits. He trails behind her much like a faithful dog, although she treats him more like an old friend. She can often be heard chatting idly away to him, and always refers to him as either "Zaggie," or simply just "Zag."



Of all of Verien's minions, Helva has responded the worst to her policy of niceness. Initially a particularly willful and difficult Succubus, she quickly became disgusted by her master. Helva saw her as weak-willed, obnoxious, irritating, frivolous and absolutely undeserving of the power she commanded. To make matters worse, Verien kept her on a tighter reign than the others, going so far as to insist she 'wear something a little nicer.'

Helva began to rebel in whatever way she could. She would run amok in battles, drawing unneccessary attention to Verien and placing her in danger. She would be slow to respond to Verien's commands, and at times downright ignored her. Nonetheless, Verien persisted, and even recruited Helva into a couple of schemes. She used the Succubus' invisibility against her own trainers on two seperate occaisions; first to steal a pair of tomes from them and secondly to plant a flashbang in their bonfire.

Soon afterwards, Helva wreaked her own revenge. She impersonated Farahl in an attempt to break apart Rini Dieb and return Verien to her trainer's attentions. This scheme fell apart when Farahl returned to the guild earlier than expected. Although she could not figure out Helva's full motives, she has not entirely trusted the Succubus since.



Fzuushon - or as he is more commonly known, "The Fuzz" - is in many ways Verien's greatest success. She was commanded to summon and bind a relentless and merciless hunter, but instead managed to get Fzuushon. Unlike any other Felhunter, Fzuushon's personality resembles a big, happy dog more than a savage hunter. He spends his time tearing around the Stormwind park, chasing his own tail, running after various mounts and pets, gnawing on furniture and slobbering over everything he can reach. Verien refers to him as 'a big, dopey puppy,' and couldn't love him more.



As part of her training, Verien was taught to summon a demonic Felsteed to serve as a mount. In her own irrepressible fashion, she named it "Sparkles." Master and mount cut a distinctive figure wherever they go, with Verien's easy smile matching the many colourful beads and ribbons woven into Sparkles' mane. Verien is dimly aware that her horse is on fire; when people ask, she simply says "He does that."


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