Name: Verletah Zul'dren
Race: Troll (Bloodscalp)
Class: Shaman (Also: Spirit Speaker)
Age: 20
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Specialization: Elemental Combat
Family?: "Zul'dren? Isn't that the extremely loud Troll's family name too?" Yes. Although his relations with Vodral are still unclear. Are they brothers? Cousins?...Unrelated? No one knows for sure. His sister, Shenja, was also seen wandering Durotar recently...
Affiliation: Bad Moon Rising
Appearance: Tall and solidly built. Some would think he is a warrior. However, his tribal outfit and the shrunken heads tied around his belt might make others think otherwise. Wild red hair would easily reveal his origins if it wasn't for that Purplish skin. He claims to be a Bloodscalp, although he probably has some Darkspear, or even Frostmane in him.

How'd this one get to Kalimdor?Edit

Few are the ones who knows why and how did he leave Stranglethorn Vale. But his travelling lead him to the city of Orgrimmar, where he was nearly forced to sign up with the Harbingers of War after an interesting encounter with Vodral.

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