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Game Information
Race Troll
Class Shaman
Guild Bllod Exiles
Professions Enchanter/Miner
Vital Statistics
Height 6'11" When hunched over, 7'9"
Weight 213 lbs
Build Athletic, Tall
Hair Purple
Eyes Orange
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Lawful
Age 22
Pets Siamese (cat)
Family Brother

You are going to have to excuse some of my history. Everything is still a work in progress and will probably be edited every once in a while due to my busy schedule. I hope you like what is here now and I hope to see some of you In-game.



Standing at 7 feet 9 inches tall when standing straight up, this troll has many scars littering his body at his young age. Your eye are caught looking at the purple hair which grow up on the top of his head. Then further down his face you see a very visible scar, almost made to be there. This scar resembles a "K" carved into his left cheek, and you wonder to yourself. Beyond a masculine face, his body shows off an almost warrior like type. Tall and built, muscles filling in all his armor. This stretches all the way down his body, to the legs that carry him around the land of Azeroth and the Outlands.

Personality Edit

Though looking very masculine and fierce, Veurjai acts kind and gentle, unlike most trolls he knows. He takes heart to a Siamese cat that follows him around. Though most would kill something like that to feed on, he takes care of it, mending it's wounds and protecting it whenever in danger. Then if at all in dangered, he can become fierce, almost in a berserk like state. Whether mending others through an odd compassion from this troll, or when in dangered and needing to battle, this troll, Veurjai, has his good and bad days.


From a family not to well known from Booty Bay, he is the oldest to come from it. He and his family moved from the isles of their true home soon after the year Thrall begun his move to Kalimdor. After Thrall had set out with Zul'Jin, Veurjai's family began their move to the then small town of Booty Bay, knowing that the humans and other forces allied to them would soon follow. After a couple of years near poverty, Veurjai's family hit gold by selling rare and exotic fish unlike most merchants there. Not even a year later, Veurjai soon sought out to become a shaman getting away form fisher mans life. He has always heard stories when he was a fledging troll about how shamans had helped Thrall and his people free from the murlocs which held their people in a sense of awareness. He then set off towards The Den to begin his training, leaving on the next ship to Ratchet. Though leaving after making a new home, Veurjai seeks out to make a name for himself and his family, doing quest for many races and forming new friendships on his travels.

Relations Edit

Pet: Siamese (no name)

Family: Barujai= Younger Brother, Jenujai= Younger Sister

Courting: Karajai (Troll, Shaman)

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Adventures & StoriesEdit

Soon to come!

-Shadow Labyrinth

It was an interesting night of events, good events. Karajai and I had been looking for a group of fellow horde members to enter the halls of the Shadow Labyrinth located in Auchidoun. We asked our old friend, Kuldorm, a mage they grew up with since fledgling shamans, to come along for the task. We asked around and soon found another shaman who's name was Icepic and later on found a warrior named Choochy. The 5 of us set off for the dungeon hoping to obtain the first key fragment for Karazhan for Karajai. The first few battles went along smoothly as the 5 moved further and further into the dark dungeon. After killing the first few mobs, they encountered the first boss within the lair, "don't remember name". Totems galore is all I can say, as a Grace of Air, Strength of Earth, 2 Healing stream totems, 2 Totems of Wrath, a Mana Tide totem, so many I can't remember. We fought long and hard, tearing down this boss bit by bit..."to be continued"

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