Name: Vivande Ad'Garin

Nicknames: none

Title: none

Affiliation: none

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warrior

Specialization: Arms

Professions: Blacksmithing, Mining

Age: 27

Eye Color: None

Hair Color: Greenish yellow.

Skin Color: Pale green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 114lbs

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Vivande is a dour man, living in the military in life and in undeath. He is characterized by his frequent usage of the salute, and tends to be overly formal at all times. As a soldier he wears armour at all times, most which is painstakingly hand crafted (with some made by friends). He always starts his day with a frown, thinking of all the work that he needs to do before he can be fully accepted into the military.

Although he had his start in a burial mount inside Deathknell, Vivande carries himself with the grace of a warrior, wasting little energy on superflurous movements or activities. His weapons and armour look as if they receive more care than his hair or body, as he is often wrapped in worn bandages and covered in dirt. When he talks it is with an air of marked authority...most of the time. He IS in the army, after all.


Vivande Ad'Garin doesn't remember much of his pre-Forsaken life. His strongest memories in life are of his time in the military as an army private. He was in training to join a knight's corps, which defines much of his unlife now, but he died before achieving that title. Vivande does not remember how he died.

Waking up in Deathknell as a Forsaken he had the fortune to be met by a guide, a troll named Sanjanda. Sanjanda walked him through the situation he was in, helping him along the way for his first few seasons. It was Sanjanda who recommended Vivande to the Iron Youth's, a horde attack battalion under the command of General Kantorek. After becoming comfortably proficient with his swordsmanship he applied for a position and was readily accepted. Vivande thrived in this environment, growing in rank and skill for several months. His greatest dream was to rediscover his knowledge of the Common language, so he could communicate with the Alliance and try to find out why the war still continued, since the members of the Horde he had met seemed to be just as civilized as humans and elves.

Disaster struck near the middle of September, when Generak Kantorek was captured and executed behind enemy lines. Warchief Thrall formally dismissed the Youth's after this, citing a lack of leadership. Vivande was broken. In his anger over the loss he requested permission to build a new fighting unit to strike out against the Alliance. He was granted provisional permission, the provision being that he recruit ten men into this unit. Vivande accepted, and struck out to create what would be know as Troop 167: Steel Soldiers.

Already a passionate man, this new turn in his unlife caused Vivande to pursue a new goal: the destruction of any Alliance soldiers he could find, ending in the Horde's crushing them entirely. This drive resulted in his taking his unit away from the Horde army, instead allying himself with The Marauders in a quest to defeat the Alliance.

Misc. NotesEdit

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