Name: Vodral "Red" Zul'dren
Race: Troll (Bloodscalp)
Class: Hunter
Professions: Mining and Engineering
Age: 25 (As of February 18th)
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Current Residence: Ratchet, in the house near the graveyard. What? It was cheap!
Specialization: Beast Master/Marksman.
Affiliation: Harbingers of War
Appearance: Compared to the majority of his kin, Vodral is a goliath. He stands at an impressive height of nine feet and, much like his ancestors, has the innate ability to loom threateningly even when he doesn't intend to frighten anyone. His brutish frame and heavy armor give the impression that he's of the warrior stock, though the gun at his waist and the beasts prowling after his step imply otherwise. Trailing from his right temple all the way down to his jaw is a lengthy scar that, judging by the looks of it, will never fade.

So, what's he like? (Character Diamond)Edit

Feral: Not unlike his predecessors, this snarling troll has the demeanor of a wolverine. He is violent, gruff, and often comes off as unintelligent due to his heavy accent and endless abuse of Orcish grammar. When his temper flares, he has a strange habit of acting even more animalistic than the beasts that follow him: his voice lowers to a growl, he prowls while he paces, and the chances of nearby bystanders getting punched in the face increases by about 70%.

Loud: Raised by a troll who knew where he stood and wasn't afraid to voice his opinions, it's no surprise that Vodral is incredibly outspoken. He speaks his mind as soon as he sees the opportunity to share it, though his brash words tend to succeed only in riling his acquaintances.

Mischievous: Anyone who's met Vodral knows that he's not one to sit in the background and watch the world unfold. If there's trouble to be found, he's right there with it - be it disobeying the orders of his mysterious "superiahs," arguing in the pubs, or flirting with the wrong lady (typically Manslayer, whom he's convinced will give in to his so-called "chahms" sooner or later).

Philandering: One of Red's most dominating traits is undoubtedly his knack of hitting on every woman that moves, except maybe the terrifying MamaLana. Whether he means it or not, most of the women he's come across have witnessed that stupid, wry grin he gets, and shortly thereafter, been treated to one of his horrible pick-up lines. It's not uncommon to see him striding down the street with a bright-red handprint on his cheek.

A Questionable BackgroundEdit


Not much is known about Red, aside from his nickname and the fact that he left Stranglethorn on very uncertain grounds. A bit of research and some questioning, however, reveals that he once served as a berserker to the Bloodscalp tribe and helped guard the precious crystal mines in the jungle. After several years of work, he quit abruptly and struck up a rather lucrative business with the goblins.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him, and proved that businesses, like objects affected by gravity, only stay up for so long before crashing down. Realizing that his income wasn't what it used to be, the hunter begrudgingly signed up with the army in hopes of making a quick gold. The experience, which he imagined would be very short lived, had a dramatic effect on him. A revelation in the battlefields changed his course from underground to militaristic. He now leads the Harbingers of War, an unofficial extension of Thrall's army, and seeks to rally the horde against the rising silithid threat.

Remaining RelationsEdit

Most of Vodral's family is still alive, though he doesn't seem to be in much contact with them. It's open knowledge that he has around ten siblings, eight of them remaining in Stranglethorn while two - his sister Bindasi and, suspectedly, a younger brother - are currently located somewhere on Kalimdor. Within the past year, a peculiar fellow calling himself Bonetreader Zul'dren has been seen wandering around Vodral's usual hangouts, though the legitimacy of his connections to Vodral has yet to be confirmed.

He's admitted to having children, but up until recently, nothing has stood to prove his claim. However, a short while ago, one of his descendants - a young troll girl by the name of Seldanti - tracked him down and found him in Sen'jinn Village. Since then, Vodral has taken to caring for her, though it's obvious by his behavior that he has no idea how to raise a child.

What's In A Name?Edit

Fellow trolls may stop and laugh when they hear the last name of "Zul'dren," but a more appropriate reaction may be questioning. His explanations for the name switch from day to day, depending on what he feels like, though he usually claims it's just "bad translation." However, with the success of his military career, some are considering whether or not the title could be legitimate.

Friends & EnemiesEdit


Yes, Virginia, it's true: even this ill-tempered troll has friends. Although he seems to get along with almost all the soldiers serving under him in the Harbingers of War, in particular he hangs around with Lucrothe, Staccato, Talash, and his nephew, Jambiah. Outside of the unit, he has frequent exchanges with Roshanar and a host of other hordelings.

As for enemies, there are too many to list. A few of the more curious ones, however, are the following: Torrington, Xa'ru (though whether or not the two truly dislike each other is a mystery), pretty much the entirety of the Skullsplitter tribe, and an army of women he may or may not have displeased at some point in history, in some place, by doing something.

Bestial ComradesEdit


Constantly prowling after Vodral is at least one beast, generally menacing looking. His riding raptors, Raptor Two and Raptor Three (Raptor One recently became deceased after a mixup in Zangarmarsh; see Stranger Meetings), are usually found nearby or at his side. The following creatures are his most common companions.



It is a rare occurrance when this enormous, ruby-scaled raptor is not stalking near Vodral's side. By the scars on his body and the chips on his horns, it's evident that this reptilian beast has been fighting since the day he clawed his way out of the egg. Like his master, he is aggressive to a fault, and snaps at anyone and everyone who gets to close. His left eye is pale and milky, and a scar runs over the lid.

An odd and reluctant respect exists between the hunter and his raptor.


Scorn copy

This hyena couldn't be more aptly named. Once upon a time, she gladly served the Scarlet zealots -- but then, lo and behold, along came a hunter. In a matter of minutes, she found herself wrangled and tamed, and was later forced to slay her previous trainers.

She is, without a doubt, a silently seething dog with one hell of a vendetta.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

Vodral's Bad Day
Mischief in Thunder Bluff
Stranger Meetings

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