Background Edit

Born on the Broken Isles, in her teens Voltemse came to Kalimdor with the rest of her people when Thrall's army rescued the Darkspear from their sinking home. She lived on the Echo Isles until violence erupted there, being too young at the time to have fought with the horde during the Third War, and she fled with some of her siblings to Durotar. Volt briefly stayed over in Sen'jin village, fishing and curing hides, but she grew curious of Kalimdor, its peoples and creatures, and the world as a whole. She trained in the Valley of Trials and then set out to carve her own path, and serve the Horde.

Stats Edit

Classification: Shadow Priest
Age: ~21
Skills: Skinning, Fishing, Cooking, and now Mining as well.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Family: Under Construction
Connections: Dark Matron of the The Malochian Hand

Stories Edit

Under Construction

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