Waffelle OnanoffEdit

Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthplace: Northshire (Possibly)
Class: Mage (Or, as she puts it, "Asplosionologist")
Professions: Alchemy, Herbalisim
Affiliations: Alliance; Member of the Order of Tirisfal

Appearance: Waffelle is of below average height and a slight built, but not exceedingly such. Her skin is pale, offset by her thick, full-bodied black hair and dark eyes. Her single most notable feature is a nose ring, which she claims she wears to "annoy the brothers at the abbey." She has a cheerful, if mischievous smile.

She wears the robes of a mage, but she keeps a collection of particularly colorful or interesting outfits for various occasions. She spends time showing them off to her friends and will spend ages trying to pick out the "right one" for an occasion - as Verien and Kole will attest.

There is a plush toy bat hanging from her backpack; featuring a large fuzzy body and felt wings. A present from her friend Verien, Waffelle does her best to look after it - even if she does use it as a pillow on occasion.


Waffelle is cheerful and friendly, but not obnoxiously so. Somewhat rebellious and mischievous, she is a bit of a joker and a trouble-maker, albeit within certain limits. She never aims to upset or offend, rather to just have a good time and a few laughs.

Waffelle likes pretty dresses, good friends, having fun and maybe the occasional tipple. Despite her lighthearted nature, she is still loyal to the Alliance and dedicated to its cause. When she is tasked to do something, she will do her utmost to achieve it.

She is a capable mage, well versed in arcane lore and more then capable of effectively emplying her talents. In a battle, she will try to hang back and blast her opponents with spells rather then letting them get close to her.


Wafelle doesn’t know too much about her past; her earliest memories are growing up as an orphan in the care of the Brothers in Northshire Abbey. Unfortunately, she didn’t fit in very well with the organised, regimented and disciplined life of the Monks there. Naturally loud and boisterous, she seemed to enjoy terrorising the locals and making a nuisance of herself. Running through the library and shouting was but one of her many pastimes.

Figuring that she would never fit in, the monks sent her to Stormwind for schooling. While there, Wafelle found her true calling; a love of blowing stuff up. After showing a natural aptitude for magic (and explosions), she was schooled in the arcane arts in Stormwind.

Figuring that she was ready to face the world, Waffelle travelled back to Northshire, returning to the abbey to enlist in the service of the Alliance, as well as cause some trouble. Setting out, she applied her destructive talents to dealing with the Defias Brotherhood and other threats to the kingdom of Elwynn.

Syrup and ToothbrushEdit


Upon learning to ride, Waffelle bought a Palomino Horse (or, as she called it, a “powney”, pronounced "POWNEY") and named it Syrup because, in her words, "Syrup goes with Waffles". Her faithful steed, Syrup has carried her across even the most treacherous of lands, running away at high speed from all manner of snaggletoothed beasties.

On a trip to Dun Morogh, she also bought a pet Snowshoe Rabbit and named it Toothbrush becuse "He's soft and fuzzy, like a toothbrush". Nowadays, Toothbrush follows her wherever she goes, regardless of whether its an appropriate place for a small, fluffy bunny to be or not.

According to Bravaden, Toothbrush is a good luck bunny.

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